Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enter if you must, but only if you dare!

Shadows of a thousand years
rise up again unseen,
Voices whisper in my trees,
“Today is Halloween!”

Pumpkin eyes and witches brew 
the shimmering glow of fresh fallen dew.

ENTER if you must...

but only if you dare.

I've heard them say
"an old witch lives there".

When the moon is full,
and the wind has a chill...
 a walk in my garden

always brings a thrill!

Tread lightly as you walk
so as not to disturb,
There are ghosts you can't see
though their cries may be heard.

Kiss this rose
then click your heels twice...
 Don't mind that black spider
He can be rather nice.

Don't touch the flowers!
They have a blue glow...
 They'll cause a nasty itch,
they're poisonous you know.

This clematis seed head 
will cast a magic spell...
if you become a pumpkin
I'll never tell.

Blooms riddled with bewitching holes 
from grasshoppers now simmering in the Witches stew.
Be careful where you step you old fool
or you may find yourself in that black pot too!

This poison petal...
will make your feet dance
and perhaps fill your heart
with totally wicked romance.

Delirious dahlias 
lost their silly minds
after bloomin' like crazy 

they're a ghastly design.

This tale is now over
for as the story goes,
there's nothing more to say
we're at the end of the rose.

(One should never make a post 
so very late at night
as the mind thinks rather oddly
and can stir up such a fright.)

Happy Haunting!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Walk Challenge... What did YOU discover?

Two weeks ago I challenged you to join me...
to open wide the doors and simply walk,
to enjoy the cool and crispness of the Autumn air.

Did you smell the fallen leaves
and enjoy the warmth of the Sunshine?

Did you look up and around,
and see the beautiful changes taking place?

So I didn't walk as often as I'd hoped, 
but I loved every minute that I did. 

And this is what I discovered...

Autumn is really just beginning in my gardens and in my neighborhood.
While some trees are beginning to show color, 
there are many that are still masked in green.

And if the weather guys are on the mark...
in my neck of the woods, all is about to change... 

our first hard freeze is forecast for Tuesday... 
and it's gonna be very COLD after that.

Does this tiny fly know his days are numbered?


Do these budding Dahlias know they have one day left to bloom?

And does this vibrant Rose know it will soon wake up 
to a sparkling coat of FROST?

I'm wondering if this gardener realizes 
that she better find time to pot this Rocky Mountain Orange Geranium 
if she wants to enjoy its blooms in her office window 
during the cold winter months.

 Ahhhh, I just need a couple of more weeks to enjoy this Autumn...
 we're just getting started here!

The Sunshine we receive in our Souls 
will never fade from cold weather.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giving It My BEST Shot

          The thrill of the PERFECT image!
                                                            By my own standards of course.

Bird Seed

More Please

I've never really considered myself a

rather, I'm just

Field of Dreams... Wildflowers!

Ohhh... but I do love the thrill of capturing an image!

Up Close and Personal... Splitleaf Indian Paintbrush

Mountain Meadow Splendor

And after months of sitting on the sidelines
cheering everyone else on...

I'm finally going to give it my BEST shot.

I've chosen as my "first ever" entry 
in a photo contest...

Alpine Meadow in September
       The theme is Fill the Frame.
      Wish me luck!

           For a slide show of all the picks in my post, 
           simply click on one of the images.

               Are you still walking?
                Don't forget my Autumn Walk Challenge
               It's not too late to enter!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Whimsy

Got a smile on my face 
and a giggle in my heart 
after taking these pics!

Don't they spark your imagination?

Whimsical thoughts of Wonderland...
 is that Alice peeking out from behind that dahlia bud?

Loved this photo shoot...
the morning light was perfect.

and by getting down low and pointing the lens upward 
into that beautiful blue sky
the perspective is... 


Loving my morning walks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Walk Challenge

Autumn is slowly beginning to dance in my gardens...
but who knows how long the dance will last?

(There is already snow in my mountain tops.)

Time to open wide the doors and simply walk...
to enjoy the crispness of the Autumn air,

the smell of fallen leaves 
and the warmth of the Sunshine.
even if for but a moment.

Life is far too precious to waste.

I vow to do this everyday for the next two weeks.
Will you join me in this challenge?

Maybe you're already walking each day,
or maybe you, too, need a little coaxing to get going.
It doesn't matter how far or how long you walk, just that you do it.

If you'd like to join me
add your blog name to the linky list below.

As you're walking, look up and around, 
see the beautiful changes 
taking place in the world round about you.

At the end of our two weeks, 
I invite each participant to submit 
their favorite Autumn image of your experience,  
(Don't we bloggers always walk with camera in hand?) 
perhaps something you discovered while walking.

On October 24th I'll post my own image 
with another linky 
for you to add yours. 

Let's all get out from behind our computers...
it's time to feel a little
Sunshine in our Souls.

Are you in?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Butterfly Dreams Finale: Dancing all the way to Mexico!

We've been blessed to nurture tiny caterpillars with voracious appetites as they grew bigger everyday.  We've been amazed as they magically transformed into Chrysalis and then became Butterflies.  But of all the wonders we've experienced with these amazing little creatures, nothing can compare to seeing them spread their fragile wings and dance amidst our flowers... finally fulfilling the measure of their creation.


This is Primera, the first of our Butterflies to emerge from its Chrysalis. 
What a thrill it was to slide my finger next to her tiny little legs 
to coax her to step onto my hand 
to carry her out to our gardens.

She proved to be the most timid of our royal treasures, 
content to hide within the leaves for awhile...

 before climbing upwards towards the Zinnia blossoms 
where she could soak in the warmth of the sun.

When she sensed it was time to fly...
off she went into the sky. 
I searched for her in my camera lens, but soon realized it was best 
just to watch her dance  
as she would soon disappear from my view.


Several days later, Segunda, our second  butterfly emerged.

Segunda immediately flew from the blossom we placed her on 
and chose instead to rest 
on 'Passionate Blush' Gaura.

She entertained us with her beautiful wings 
as she fanned them politely for several minutes before she, too, flew off to dance in the sky.


Within a few more days, Tercera, our third  Butterfly emerged.
My 16 year old daughter had the honor of escorting Tercera 
to a 'Limelight' Hydrangea in our gardens.

Tercera enjoy the photo shoot immensely
and posed like a royal princess for us.

 My Fashion Diva daughter's influence surely must have influenced  her  
as she allowed us to capture her image in several settings...

 Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' was her favorite... and ours!

Tercera soon tired of all the attention and fluttered softly into the skies.

We had such fun with her... she was indeed the most delightful.


Cuarto, our fourth butterfly longed to linger.

She seriously sat here in the impatiens and Coleus 
for the longest while.

The morning was overcast without a bright sun.
and when she finally flew....

it was up to the tippy top of the Redbud tree above her.
There she sat for a very long time...
until the sun came out from behind the clouds 
and warmed her wings...
and then she was off!

Quinta and Sexta
Quinta and Sexta were our fifth and sixth Butterflies to emerge.
They were our only male Monarchs 
as identified by the single black dot on each of the hindwings.

Together they hunted for the perfect spot
and when Quinta dropped into J formation, 
Sexta tried relentlessly to nudge him out of his sleepy state...
to no avail, of course.

Soon he snuggled up next to Sexta 
and dropped into his own J formation...

 and the following morning they were both Chrysalis.

 Ten days later, Quinta and Sexta emerged 
within an hour of each other.

And the very next morning, it was time to release them.

They have a very long journey ahead of them
as they make their way to Mexico.

Can you see Quinta?

He's in there, I promise!
Look a little harder.

Oops, now he's gone. Yea, that fast.

 Sexta was released seconds after Quinta.
Our intention was for them to leave together,  
but Quinta just couldn't wait.

He quickly floated to the top of the Redbud 
(that seems to be a favorite stopping spot)
surveyed the sights...

and then gracefully floated back towards me 
landing on a clump of dahlias.
He stayed just long enough for me to snap a few pictures...

and then he too was off to dance in the warmth of the sun.

They were so-o-o ready to fly 
and it was a perfect day for fluttering.

Dance sweet Butterflies...
all the way to Mexico.

 So that's the end of my Butterfly Dreams...
for this season at least. 
I've learned a great deal as I cared for these little creatures... 
but that's another days post... maybe next Spring?

♥ ♥ ♥
If you've missed any of this series of posts 
of my journey with Monarchs,
click on "Older Post" at the bottom of each page.