Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giving It My BEST Shot

          The thrill of the PERFECT image!
                                                            By my own standards of course.

Bird Seed

More Please

I've never really considered myself a

rather, I'm just

Field of Dreams... Wildflowers!

Ohhh... but I do love the thrill of capturing an image!

Up Close and Personal... Splitleaf Indian Paintbrush

Mountain Meadow Splendor

And after months of sitting on the sidelines
cheering everyone else on...

I'm finally going to give it my BEST shot.

I've chosen as my "first ever" entry 
in a photo contest...

Alpine Meadow in September
       The theme is Fill the Frame.
      Wish me luck!

           For a slide show of all the picks in my post, 
           simply click on one of the images.

               Are you still walking?
                Don't forget my Autumn Walk Challenge
               It's not too late to enter!


  1. What beautiful wildflowers. I love the seed head picture. Good luck in the contest.

  2. And fill the frame you did! I never would have envisioned an alpine meadow to have so many beautiful flowers so late in the season. Gorgeous! Good luck!

  3. This Meadow was white with many many feet of snow until mid August. We had a lovely hike there in late September... another day's post!

  4. What a gorgeous landscape. The meadow is filled to the brim with cheerful, colorful blooms. And the trees behind make a wonderful backdrop. Good luck with the contest!

  5. Good luck...I think your pics are fab!

  6. Lovely photo you've chosen. Good luck with the contest.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. I've always admired your photographs. I'm so happy to see that you are entering the contest! Best of luck to you Carolyn ;)

  8. I wish you luck! Your photo is very nicely composed, I like the low angle. I see two others that could have been entered too, so I think you are more than a 'picture taker'.

  9. Good luck with contest. I agree with Cat. I have a fondness for your photos, too. Lovely Indian paintbrush. The kind that grows here is more reddish orange.

  10. Thank you all for your encouragement. You are all so kind. I have also seen the red orange paintbrush here, this pink hued variety was new to me.

  11. That's a great photo, you should be proud to share it. and what a beautiful meadow you found for picture taking.

  12. What a lovely meadow photograph - fingers crossed.

  13. Oh Carolyn these are gorgeous and I love your entry...good luck!!

  14. Very pretty! I just love meadows! Good luck in the contest!

  15. You may not consider yourself a photographer but you have a photographer's eye. Congratulation, your pictures are just beautiful.

  16. They all look like winners to me...good luck!! xx

  17. Carolyn girl we are some times our harshist critics when it comes to our "picture taking" .. but that is how we keep striving to become better and better at it, right ? And we save our most beautiful ones to frame and hang on the walls of our garden offices .... when we finally get one ? LOL
    I think you have a great entry there girl : )
    Fingers crossed !
    Joy : )

  18. Good luck! I really think that picture captures the spirit of the theme.

  19. Thanks for your strong entry to the GGW contest. Really nice cropping allows you to fill the frame and have a precise focal point. I think a slightly lower down camera position might have allowed those main flowers (Rudbeckias ?) to be taller and fill up that side a bit more with your story.


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