Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Walk Challenge... What did YOU discover?

Two weeks ago I challenged you to join me...
to open wide the doors and simply walk,
to enjoy the cool and crispness of the Autumn air.

Did you smell the fallen leaves
and enjoy the warmth of the Sunshine?

Did you look up and around,
and see the beautiful changes taking place?

So I didn't walk as often as I'd hoped, 
but I loved every minute that I did. 

And this is what I discovered...

Autumn is really just beginning in my gardens and in my neighborhood.
While some trees are beginning to show color, 
there are many that are still masked in green.

And if the weather guys are on the mark...
in my neck of the woods, all is about to change... 

our first hard freeze is forecast for Tuesday... 
and it's gonna be very COLD after that.

Does this tiny fly know his days are numbered?


Do these budding Dahlias know they have one day left to bloom?

And does this vibrant Rose know it will soon wake up 
to a sparkling coat of FROST?

I'm wondering if this gardener realizes 
that she better find time to pot this Rocky Mountain Orange Geranium 
if she wants to enjoy its blooms in her office window 
during the cold winter months.

 Ahhhh, I just need a couple of more weeks to enjoy this Autumn...
 we're just getting started here!

The Sunshine we receive in our Souls 
will never fade from cold weather.


  1. Carolyn since reading your earlier post I have wanted to join in but I truely have not been able to go for a nice walk because we have had almost contant strong winds for October, your sun is beautiful my sky is grey with cloud, if there is a break in the weather this week I will join in, Frances

  2. Carolyn, I will be happy to join. I will link up with the next post which has some nice Fall color. Today's post was more a photo challenge and a precursor to what we have in our area this Autumn. I think this is a great idea and look forward to sharing and viewing seasonal color around the country and world. I am guessing you can only link once, so GWGT will join later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for having this linking party. Donna

  3. Loved seeing your images, especially the colorful fall foliage. So sorry that the frosts will kill all those beautiful blooms! I guess we are all counting down the days. Thanks for a great meme!

  4. Such colorful beauty in your garden...hard to think that a frost is coming soon. I guess I am just in denial.

    Still your shots are beautiful.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. I enjoyed the walk through your garden and all its beautiful fall color! Thanks for hosting this fun autumn garden party!

  6. Hard to believe you're awaiting a frost Carolyn...your gardens look completely unsuspecting. We are just barely out of the 90's these days! Cold front coming through Thursday though...low in the 40's...brrrr ;)

    Thanks for hosting! Enjoyed seeing all of fall's glory!

  7. The dahlias are just beautiful. Maybe the frost will hold off a few days!

  8. This is a wonderful idea for a post and if I can find time this week, I'll take your challenge. Actually, I am going to make time. It's worth it! :o) Love that orange geranium!!

  9. Carolyn I discovered fall as a time for reflection, tranquility and looking at my garden in a different light. This was a wonderful post and challenge...thx for doing this!! Love all the images and posts.

  10. I hope it's OK that I didn't link my most recent post. The one I linked was a walk around the garden. My most recent post was a special experiment to capture simple shots while staying in the same spot. This is a great meme idea! I love the color in your autumn shots!

  11. We are also just getting seems. The foliage on the acers is just now beginning to encompass the entire tree. There is so much to see in such a short period of time. I wish it would last longer. I really enjoyed your inspirational autumn walks.

  12. Frances,
    I'm wishing you SUNSHINE, sweet friend... but until it comes, isn't it a joy to view others sunny days in the blogosphere? That's something I truly love about blogging. When my days are cloudy, somewhere in the world the sun is shining.

    join when you're able, your posts are always such a delight to visit.

    No frost today! Have a feeling it's still coming later in the week though.

    I'm in denial too, and taking loads
    of pics to carry me through the Winter.

    So glad you came... isn't it fun to see what everyone else has found in their walks?

    I always mourn the loss of my blooms when the frost does come, but I must admit, I do enjoy celebrating all four seasons here.

    The heavens have responded to your thought... no Frost today! Thank you, thank you!

    Casa Mariposa,
    I love that orange geranium, too. They are hard to find here. Enjoy your walk and then come back and post your link and thumbnail.

    I so agree with you regarding reflection and tranquility... with the labor of Summer past, I finally take time to slow down and enjoy my gardens.

    Of course! Thanks for joining us, every post enriches the experience and adds Sunshine to our Souls. Now if only we could magnify the benefit of walking as we visit each others post! Now that would be sweet!

    Sage Butterfly,
    I've also enjoyed viewing everyone's Autumn Walks... so much beauty and inspiration has been shared. Thank you all for walking with us. We'll do this again!

  13. Hi, Carolyn!
    If the horse does the walking, can I play??? I much prefer it when she does the hard work. Plus, the view is always better on top of a horse. :))

    Gorgeous pics! Giggled when I saw that you and I do the same thing with our Geraniums, repotting them for indoor color once it freezes.

  14. Hi Carolyn - I like the colours in your second photo... I posted a photo of a squirrel for your autumn walk challenge.

  15. Hi Carolyn, I enjoyed your walk very much! Fall is just about my favorite time to stroll in the garden. I love the cooler weather and all the changes. The vibrant colors of the leaves and the play of autumn light is wonderful, as your first and last photos especially illustrate.

  16. Kate,
    Of course! Join the fun! I'm sure the view will be fantastic! Did you get your geraniums potted?

    So glad you joined us. L.O.V.E. your squirrel!

    I share your love of this season in the gardens... and I so agree with how wonderful the lights of Autumn are. Thanks for joining us!

  17. Hi Carolyn, This is a fun challenge and I've decided to take you up on it. Your autumn shots are glorious. This is my favourite time of year!

  18. Oh, I was late to the party, but sure have enjoyed seeing all the other participants posts.

    Your garden is just alive with flowers yet, I hope the weatherman is wrong about the cold!

  19. Twice daily I walk down the lane with our dogs. It's a must...if I don't go they just stay looking expectantly. I see the changes in the seasons as the foliage emerges, matures, withdraws and then drops. An occassional heron flying over the river and just so many things that make each walk a joy.

  20. Nie lubię późnej jesieni, kiedy w ogrodach nie ma już kwiatów, kiedy drzewa są bez liści, kiedy jest mokro i szaro, ale jesień u Ciebie jest kolorowa. Pomysł Twojej zabawy, był inspiracją do mojego jesiennego postu i spróbuję się pobawić z Wami. Pozdrawiam

  21. Can't stop! Off to Autumn Walk...great idea xxx

  22. What lovely colors in your garden! My post is light on blooms, but we did have a lovely walk.

  23. I walk all the time Carolyn, so it was easy for me to join in your Autumn Walks. Autumn is my favorite time for walks, so much to see and enjoy!

  24. °º♪♫
    º° ✿♫ ♪♫°
    Olá, amiga!
    São fotografias muito bonitas... as cores do outono são muito bonitas.
    Bom fim de semana!
    º° ✿♫ ♪♫°


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