We are Stewards Over This Beautiful Earth

I've always held a deep conviction that we are stewards over this beautiful earth that God has created, and as such, have the honor and the joy of caring for our own little corner of the world. Cultivating the earth and nurturing tender trees and plants to fulfill the measure of their creation brings solace to the soul and meaning to our life.  Doing so side by side with our children and grandchildren magnifies the joy. 

I am blessed to garden where we experience each of the four seasons and I embrace the wonder that each new season brings.

Whether it be the breath of new life in SPRING…

First to See the Light of Day

the brilliant colors of SUMMER…

Summertime Blues

Captivating Orange

the delicate aging of AUTUMN…

Still Beauty in a Dying Rose

or the quiet slumber of WINTER…

Shhh…My Gardens are Sleeping

there is always beauty to be found in our gardens.

We must first train our eyes to catch sight of it
and our hearts to rejoice in it
and then we may more fully understand
its influence in our lives.

I watched a butterfly one summer’s morning as I knelt at my garden’s edge. Her delicate beauty was a welcome sight. Only occasionally have I seen butterflies in my garden.  A thought came to me that comes to mind each time I see a butterfly dancing in my flower beds:
“A butterfly in my garden is an expression of ‘well done’ from heaven above.”

This thought serves to remind me of the great trust the Creator has placed in me to care for his gardens. I feel so blessed to be able to garden and to share my love of nature with those who visit my gardens and my blog.

Dancin' in the Leylands

I delight in all living creatures that call my gardens home,
and I blog about each one of them.

Leaves Aren’t the Only Things Changing Colors in my Garden.

They become the stars of my posts
and it’s always a delight to discover them.

I invite you to join me in my gardens…

My Rose Garden Path

Come walk my garden paths with me and together we’ll discover… 

the beauty, 

the joy, 

and perhaps at times a little heartache 

as we learn to nurture God’s wonderful creations.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting! So glad you enjoyed my garden path.

    2. I just happened upon your beautiful blog. I too am blessed to be a steward over a sustainable organic vegetable farm in Southern Utah. Every day is filled with the wonder and miracle of planting, tending, nurturing, and harvesting. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and your insight into what miracles surround us. I would love to come see your gardens, I travel through the area often.

  2. It's stunning what you have achieved. I love my garden, too, though it's small as I live in a very crowded region, but I love photographing my plants during the seasons. Now I'm looking forward to your next posts.

  3. I've found your lovely garden after visiting 'Lavender Cottage'. Your garden is wonderful & I know I'm going to enjoy seeing it change through the seasons. I've just become a follower,I can't wait for spring to come & see what you have growing. take a look at my garden in rural France. It's very different from yours. http://barbaralilian-infrance.blogspot.com
    Best wishes Barbara


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