In The Beginning

This Grandmother's Garden began in the Summer of 2003. In the beginning it consisted of hard clay soil and literally tons of river rock. The property sits on an ancient river bed. A single blooming wild sunflower gave hope that something could actually grow here.

Circumstances required us to move from a beautifully landscaped home in Oregon where everything grows, to the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, where Summers are hot and the Winters are deep with snow. Armed with experience and knowledge gained from landscaping two previous homes, we were ready to tackle converting this barren half acre into a place of great beauty. "WE" as in me, my Honeyman and a few of our kids still living at home. (Must also give credit to the kind friend who brought his tractor from two valleys away to move the dirt to form our berms. We lovingly call him "The Berm Master."

Gardening has always been about FAMILY in our lives. Working in the garden together as a family is where life's greatest lessons are taught and learned. We designed the landscape, we performed the labor and we are the soul keepers of these gardens. The "We" is dwindling as our children have all but one flown from our nest.

If two old people can keep this garden beautiful, 
anyone can do the same for their own.