Building Our Water Fall

Want to increase the bird and butterfly population in your gardens?
Here's the best idea for attracting them...

 Build a water feature.

(Click on each picture for a better view)
Waterfall Garden Summer 2011

Waterfall Summer 2011

Waterfall Stream 2011

That's exactly what my Honeyman and I did together in the  Spring of 2011... just the two of us.
We designed and built a beautiful pond-less waterfall and stream.
He is, of course, The Builder of All My Dreams ♥♥♥ 
If I can dream it, he figures out a way to build it.

And after we built it...
oh how they came!


What a delight to see these little creatures enjoying the water!

Join me for the next several posts as we share our experience 
of building this beautiful water feature... 
we had such fun doing this project together!

We'll share our secrets for building this 
at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor...

and you just may be surprised at some of the cost cutting features 
we discovered that made this project much more affordable.

See you soon!

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