Sunday, January 9, 2011

Through the Woods on Snowshoes...

Deep into the woods and over the river... what wondrous Winter sights will we discover as we snowshoe with the grand-kiddos?  Grab your snowshoes and come with us! You don't want to be left behind. The snow is deep and the air is crisp... 

off we go on our final Liberty adventure.

If you want to experience the first two adventures, click on them!

Remember to take long wide steps 
so you don't stumble on your feet!

Our snowshoes will keep us from sinking up to our knees
in the deep fluffy snow.

Off we go!

Mark this Magical Pine in your memory 
so we can find our way back.

An old Ash tree greets us.
Can you tell which way the Winter Winds have blown?

The bark of the trunk 
brings a splash of color to our Winter scene.

On the other side we find a village of insect homes
and a Woodpecker's favorite place to dine.

Look ahead!


Can you hear the water as it trips over the stones in it's path?
The sound is soothing and pleasant.

Do we dare cross over this snowy old bridge?

Yes! We dare!

 Walk carefully and don't look down at the water 
or you just might slip.

Surely this is where the Snow Fairies live.

Frozen drips of water at the entrance to their home.

The burgundy seeds of the Birch are the bird's delight.

They seem to dance in the cold Winter air.

The sun peaks out from behind the clouds 
and begins to warm the snow 
into drops.

As the forest brightens we sense we're almost back 
to where we began.

There! The Magical Pine greets us.

Take off our snow shoes... 
let's go get some hot chocolate!

Now wasn't that fun?

Thanks for coming along with us!


  1. magical, like a fairyland,

    my little bit of snow yesterday has nearly gone now,
    keep warm, Frances

  2. It looks lovely - and great fun!


  3. Just beautiful and this coming from a person that dislikes winter too. LOL! How can you not love this beautiful snow fall though.Hanging in layers on everything making it a magical landscape. Gorgeous pictures!

  4. What an utterly charming post! Your grandkids must have loved the snowshoe tour, and if they did I'm sure you did. Hope your fingers didn't get too cold making those photos.

  5. I just snowshoed for the first time in Keystone, CO over the holidays. I thought it was beautiful there, but your pictures are even more spectacular. I'm now sold on snowshoeing. Thanks for taking me along!

  6. What fun indeed! We do not quite have enough snow yet! I do love to snowshoe and your world looks beautiful and familiar! Hot chocolate is the perfect ending!

  7. Now, those are winter scenes! I sure miss my snowshoes when I see photos like yours.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Thank you for this delightful journey and one of the most stunning snowfalls I've ever seen ... and I've seen many! I love to snowshoe in fresh snow and have the perfect spot up north at our cottage. Have not been on them yet this year but getting anxious and even best if the grandboys join me! Actually, some the prettiest snowfalls are around Easter!

  9. Don't normally like it, but wow that's what I call snow.

  10. thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. I think viewing them cooled me down a tad too :)

  11. Wow! You have a lot of snow! It looks beautiful and I'm glad I could enjoy it by the warmth of my fire! Your photographs are beautiful!

  12. Beautiful snow!
    I wish i'm there now to play with the snow!

  13. look at that beautiful snow blanketing the's like a dream...what an incredible backdrop for snowshoeing...would want to snowshoe there every day...thx for sharing this inspiring experience!!

  14. What a magical post! The photos were a window to your world, and those grandchildren are precious! (what rosy cheeks the cold whips up!) Thanks for the journey!

  15. Your winter paradise is something like my own. I play in it with my grandchildren, too. Magical photos. I'm visiting from Sandy of Maine - she told me about your blog.

  16. Yes, that was so much fun! Magical and beautiful.

  17. Stunning photos! That is the kind of snow we in the Deep South can only dream about. It's a wonderland!

  18. The snow covered landscape is magical in these images. I also love the post with the kids on their sleds.

  19. Snow scenery is so beautiful. How I envy you who can see and touch real snow.

  20. I've been going on cross country ski walks through the woods. The tip about tripping over your snowshoes - yes, that would be me!


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