Monday, January 3, 2011

A Royal Winter Procession

Not far from our home, 
perhaps an hour and a half drive... 
over the river 
and through the woods 
and up the mountain road,  
there is a wonderful little town called Liberty

Visiting Liberty is like taking a step back in time, life seems so much slower paced and peaceful. At least it was for us, as most of our family gathered there for a couple of days worth of together time.

The snow began to fall early in the morning, and by the time we arrived, it was a Winter Wonderland with four to five feet of fresh snow. It was magical!   

But that's another day's post.


 Today I want to share 
one of the adventures we had during our stay.
I've placed a filter on these little kiddo pics to keep their smiles from floating through cyber space.

A Royal Winter Procession 
begins as Shepherd and grandchildren lead their donkeys 
Ruth and Esther and three woolly sheep down the snowy path.  

The gentle Shepherd carries a feed bucket 
to entice the hungry parade to follow him.

The deep snowfall has made it a challenge to feed and water them 
so they must be moved to a larger pasture. 

There the horses and cows have already tromped pathways 
in the deep and new fallen snow.

 They willingly follow...

...until they reach the wide open spaces.  

Here, they burst into a playful run, 
enjoying their new freedom.

All must help in gathering them together 
and directing them toward their new pasture.

Kids and grandkids form a wall.

 Back and forth the animals frolic...

 until one brave sheep 
finally jumps toward the high snow bank 
they must climb...

 and the rest boldly follow.

 Mission accomplished!

Haul out a bale of hay 
to reward them for their obedience.

 Enough for all to share.

 The cows saunter over to greet the new guests.

 Surprisingly, all get along together quite well, 
sheep and donkeys, horses and cows. 

A little community of their own.
There's peace in this little corner of the world.

And we're off for a new adventure...

Stay tuned!


  1. What a fun winter's tale! I cannot imagine five feet of snow! The animals look so cold...

  2. Hello Meredehuit, your post reminds me of days gone by; of shepherds and their flocks. Even the pictures seem to have stepped back in time, they convey images of the simpler and more peaceful days.

  3. What an AMAZING coincidence! That's where we spent Christmas. We have close friends who live in a log cabin up in Liberty. I love it up there. I wonder if they're neighbors....

  4. What a fun ;-) I wish I can have that experience.

  5. That looks like an awesome place to visit.

  6. Hi Meredehuit, your photos matched perfectly with the information conveyed in prose. It looks so simple, but if the snow is like that thick i dont think it is that simple at all. Snow is alien to us, so it looks magical but scary.
    Regarding my post: yes i try to post gardens with very different scene than what is currently common in most of the winter climes, to give them (like you) some warmth, at least in the feelings. I am inviting you to come over, and let's have a hotter atmosphere. haha.

  7. A lovely winterland scenes and story!


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