Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh the Possibilities...


Joy comes from reaching your potential.

Consider the possibilities...

Three trees in my gardens... 
                  covered with so much potential.

Where will the new forest be planted?


  1. Lovely and poetic. May a new forest be planted where it is most needed. I love your header . . . so festive.

  2. Good reminder to look beyond the appearances of things at this moment, and to the future with hope.

  3. So much potential, but so low probability. I still like your poetic version so much better.

  4. I grow a lot of plants from seed, and it's always fun to imagine and see the potential.

  5. I love that you see them as potential instead of an irritation. Sometimes people don't value the tree seeds. Thanks for coming by.~~Dee

  6. I've never yet grown a tree from seed - unless you count rescuing self-sown seedlings. I do love the idea of trying though. Beautiful pictures!


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