Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's The First Day of Christmas...

and here's my wish for you...


Life's greatest joy is found in giving joy to others.

When my children were young people would always ask them "What are you getting for Christmas?" Their eyes would dance as they thought of all the gifts they hoped would be found under the tree on Christmas morning. Knowing I could never make all their wishes come true, I would quickly ask, "What are you giving for Christmas?"  This was a much harder question to answer, but one that would make them think. Their thinking always led to hustling and bustling and secret stuff behind closed bedroom doors as they made gifts for each other. Christmas took on new meaning for them as they anticipated giving their gifts.

In my lifetime of living, I have learned that 

 It's what you give not get 
that brings us Christmas joy. 

May you each feel the joy of giving
this Christmas season.


  1. Very wise words and wonderful teachings. I am sure your children grew to pass on your wisdom. I have always enjoyed making gifts for others. It is the love that goes into the gifts that is the most important ingredient.

  2. Wise words, so true, so true. /Gela

  3. Its already the first day of Christmas? I love that song! Yes I agree that the act of giving is more fulfilling..and a good unselfish act to teach young children.

  4. Oh, my, Christmas is speeding my way and I have so much to do. I loved how you taught your children to think of others.

    With a few exceptions, I am making most of the gifts for Christmas this year, too, and have to get going faster than I have been.

    I wish you Joy, too as we approach the day!

  5. how true Meredehuit how true and joy to you and your family, Frances

  6. Yes, this really is a lesson that gives a lifetime of joy.
    Each year my daughter helps each of her children make gifts or takes them shopping to buy small gifts with their saved pocket money. They get so much joy from giving.
    My joy comes from pride in my wonderful daughter who I'm pleased has remembered the joy she felt as a child.

  7. Very wise words!

    Have a beautiful Lucia night (a Swedish tradition)!

  8. Oh how true - I always try to make as many gifts as possible. I feel that the love stitched or baked into them adds to the gift.


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