Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunshine in My Soul

The Weather Forecast for my gardens today is 

HAZE...       FOG...      RAIN...

and maybe a little SNOW.


What a dreary way to begin  
the first full week of December.

 but I choose... 


There is Sunshine in my soul today
more glorious and bright
than glows in any earthly sky
for Jesus is my light.

Sometimes life casts dark clouds into our day
but we can always choose to rise above.

As we lift our thoughts we will find the silver lining.

Wishing each of you a little
Sunshine in your Soul today.

Happy Monday! 

*Ha! Since I first made this post, the forecast has changed to  
Mostly Cloudy according to my little weather widget.  
See what uplifting thoughts can do for you? It can change your whole day! 
Let's all think lofty thoughts now and see if it will change to Sunny
Now that would be sweet.


  1. Hi,

    You can have some of our sun if you like... Of course accompanying it will have to be the sub-zero temperatures we're having (sorry, I don't know farenheight, but I suspect it'll be in the single digits).

    Clear brilliant blue skies, but hard frosts... At least the sun keeps the depression at bay.

  2. Oh I wish you sunshine, and a happy day whatever it is, since it is Tuesday here already!. Yes, isnt it amazing what a positive outlook on life will produce!

  3. Snow, snow and more snow here. You have a good outlook and that will bring you sunshine, inside and out. And a little sunny thoughts from all of us will speed along the warming rays.

  4. Your sunshiny outlook worked here too, because we have glorious sunshine today. Even though it is very cold out, the sight is so welcome. The little doggies are stretched out on their sides basking in the warmth. Makes me feel like taking a nap with them!

  5. We are having what I consider to be a quite gloomy day for Austin...but yes, I agree completely, it doesn't mean our spirit needs to be gloomy! Your post was fun - enjoyed it!

  6. Could you please send just a little sunshine my way? Thank you!!!! (oh and, lovely post!!)


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