Friday, August 27, 2010

Rosa Caramba!


Another favorite in my garden!

A low growing shrub rose 
2 ft tall and 3 ft wide.

 Produces an abundance of orange-red flowers 
with a yellow eye 
from April to frost!

Hardy in Zones 5-9

Disease and pest resistant.
A rose anyone can grow! 


Cut back to healthy wood in early Spring 
just before new growth emerges.
Prune lightly throughout the season 
to encourage heavier repeat blooming. 

  Plant anywhere in the landscape 
that receives full sun to afternoon shade. 

Rosa *Carumba!
(*Surprise Rose)

Definitely a favorite in 

This Grandmother's Garden!


  1. Hi Meredehuit,

    Your roses look so healthy and lovely. Many of mine have black spot, and I've been thinking of replacing some of them with hardier varieties. Is the correct name of the rose you feature here "rose caramba"?
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, too. We hiked about 15 miles a day for four days. I only took that one photo of the yellow wild orchid in my blog post, but there were probably more to be found had we ventured off the trail.

  2. What a beautiful color for this time of year... lovely rose. Your photos are very lovely too. ;>)

  3. Dear Meredehuit, Although I should be hesitant about including in my own small town garden Rosa 'Caramba', as I mainly restrict myself to an overall scheme of green and white, I do think that it looks remarkably effective in yours and I very much like the way you have repeated it at intervals throughout your border. What is more, it clearly is completely trouble free. One cannot say that for too many plants!!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my latest posting to which I have made reply.

  4. What a vibrant rose! it is a beautiful accent to your lovely landscape. Any plant that looks so good in August has my vote!

  5. Hi Meredehuit,
    I came her after reading your comment on Jodi's OPG post. I enjoy talking gardening, too, and like to give starts of plants away.

    That rose is a beauty. I love your place!

    My husband is into computers, and word gets around that he helps people figure out what is wrong with their computers for free. Once in awhile, someone will give him a gift certificate or something. I'm glad we aren't getting as many calls at suppertime, or from someone calling for one of their friends, who Larry doesn't even know. Now, those people should pay him some. He is also learning to tell some who they can tell their friends to call for help.

    I can see where your kids are coming from, but also understand your joy in answering gardening questions.

  6. Hi Meredehuit--
    Nice flowers! Reds are often hard to photograph but you did a great job with these beauties! I love looking at your garden without the distraction of fences...

    Today your feed seem to be in order! Hooray!

  7. Lovely pictures. It must add a lot of colour to your even otherwise lovely garden.
    (Took a while to figure out the link to the posts. And hence the earlier mail)

  8. Your pictures and story telling are delightful. I have looked through a number of your posts. Love your work.I especially like the forlorn flower in the Calvary post, do descriptive.


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