Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little DIRT Talk


you gotta have it to grow a garden.

In fact, it's the most important element.

Confusion comes when we don't know what type of soil 
we have to garden in.

Is it SAND?

Is it CLAY?

Or is it a combination of many soil types.

Your State Extension Service may offer  

to give you an indication of what type your soil may be.

They may also offer Soil Testing of your garden's soil.

These resources will help you to make more informed choices of how to amend your soil...

so that you may truly bloom where you are planted.

♦  ♦  ♦

My gardens are planted on an ancient river bed. 
There were literally tons of round smooth river rock 
covering my property 
scattered on a hard clay base 
that, when dry as a bone, was so fine, 
that dust whirlwinds would often dance among the stones.

Patches of morning glory (bindweed) 
found this to be quite fertile ground. 
I was depressed at the "site" to say the least.  

Then early one morning I awoke 
to discover a bloom amongst the gloom.

A single wild sunflower 
blooming among the rocks and dirt.

Hope was born...

And hard work commenced.

The rocks were moved into two huge piles 
on each side of our property, 
then covered with soil to make our berms. 

 Our gardens began to take shape.

And this is what we look like seven years later...

Where rocks and poor soil once prevailed
beauty is now displayed.

You can bloom where you are planted. 

You've just got to know your soil.

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  1. I'll take one soil map to go please. I wish someone could test my soil to tell me how to amend it. lol

  2. Very true about needing to know your soil. Glad your efforts have paid off so nicely.

  3. Is that your garden, Meredehuit? It is very beautiful. You must have given it 7 Years of tender loving care.

  4. Emma Lee, Your State also has an Extension Service. Visit their site to see if they offer soil testing. It is most often free of charge.

    Jodi, it is true, but so often a step we skip.

    One, It is my garden, and yes it gets a lot of attention from me but brings a lot of joy as well.

  5. lol I was talking about MY "soil". I'm ready to be amended and bloom already! lol

  6. I agree with you - put the work into the soil before you ever grow anything and it will reap rewards for you in the future. You have beautiful extensive gardens there Meredehuit compared to my postage stamp of a garden and such a beautiful backdrop of scenery with that mountain - you are truely blessed :) Rosie

  7. HAHAHA!!! Sooo funny, Meredehuit! Now I think I know why you think I'm offended! I'd actually written my post awhile ago and hadn't put it up till now. Great minds and all that. That soil map is gold. I'll have to reference it in my post.
    Your garden is gorgeous as always, by the way! No doubt from your years of dedication. I think other gardeners just don't get how much WORK gardening is in Utah. At least we don't have the plant diseases everyone else for. Thank goodness for green blessings, right?

  8. Mine is heavy clay but I have amended it yearly for the past 13 years. Your garden beds are so beautiful, you've put in alot of work and it shows. :)

  9. You have created a thing of beauty in such a short time! Did you make use of all those round pebbles and stones?

  10. All looks grand ... you must be delighted!

  11. Wow--that sounds like a lot of hard work. The results show it was all the effort. My own garden is quite small, but it has everything from unyielding clay to sand, depending on whether it's fill dirt or the part of the lot that was excavated out of the slope. Definitely, it pays to know the soil.

  12. Meredehuit !
    You have an amazing garden and blog here !! I have to admit I was very naughty with my garden and did not amend the soil properly .. Kingston is built on Limestone .. thus nick named "The Limestone City" add clay and builders sand ? and you have what was once this home and garden ..but my plants have thrived some how .. now that is a miracle ? LOL
    I am so eager to see what you post for Halloween ! glad to know another Halloween Nut out here : )

  13. As with most things, if the deep rooted problem is fixed great things can happen. Your garden is beautiful. In the last picture is that a Red Bud tree?

  14. How is your Latin? You like wordplay ;>) http://blog.douggreensgarden.com/semper-ubi-sub-ubi/

  15. Thanks for the "dirt talk" Meredehuit. I enjoyed reading it. You have done wonders in transforming your garden from rocky grounds to a beautiful work of art. Congratulations.

  16. Yes, in I've noticed in Seattle my soil is like sand. I need to get my soil tested at a local nursery. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Walking in your garden must be wonderful!

    Thanx for your visit in mine :-)


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