Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cavalry Has Arrived!

  Last  night while I lay sleeping...

The Cavalry arrived! 

"There is an expression in America that inspires excitement and raises hope. When a situation seems hopeless and the cry is heard, the downtrodden senses his rescue on the horizon. 'The Cavalry is coming!' The victim feels he can survive long enough for the men of blue riding on horses to arrive."

This Grandmothers Garden has been rescued!
 Thank you Stuart

Several weeks ago I switched my feed to Feedburner.

For whatever reason, 
that seems to be the moment when everything went crazy.
 (Please note that Feedburner is not evil, indeed, Feedburner is innocent of any wrong doing.)

Soon after I made this change I began to observe: 

  •  My posts weren't visible on Blotanical...
  • FAV's were disappearing...
  • Blotanists were kindly asking how to pick my posts...
  • Many were offering kind condolences (as Stuart The Commander in Chief of all who can fix problems would be traveling forever and couldn't be reached.)

I was beginning to feel a bit forlorn.

Without new posts showing up on the Blotanical lists, 
it can be a challenge for Blotanists
to find your latest posts to read and select from as they choose. 

Picks and comments, FAV's and FAN's  
are the sweet nectar 
that invites a blogger to keep posting. 

 ♦  ♦  ♦

I began to feel like a ghost in a garden of blogs. 
I could see each of you, 
but very few could find me. 

So as any good gardener would do, 
I decided to cultivate the garden. 

Instead of lamenting my misfortune 
of readers not able to find me, 
I chose to go on a 

Blogging Frenzy 

and visit as many of you as I could until the day, 
somewhere on the distant horizon,
when my blog would be rescued.

Ohhhh... and I've had so much fun!

Blotanical is a wonderful directory 
of Gardening Blogs 
from all across this beautiful earth. 

There is much to learn and discover 
and glean inspiration from 
as we take the time 
to read each other's blogs.

♥    ♥    ♥

During the past weeks I've delighted in discovering...

Wings of Glass at AnneTannes Kruidenklets
Can you even imagine how beautiful a butterfly would be with wings of glass?

A natural predator for Tomato Hornworm Caterpillar? The picture will amaze you!

Do you know where more tomatoes are produced than anywhere else in the world? 

Do you have any idea how fast and furious an army of Squash bugs can be?

Fresh tomatoes in any language are all divine!

The first in a series of posts that are indeed the best I have ever encountered.

Do you even know what a Pullet is? I didn't.

I wish I could list all of the amazing posts I have read 
to share with you.

But then I don't have to... 
they are all right there at Blotanical
for you to read and enjoy!

♥   ♥   ♥

Many many thanks to Stuart
for sending in the troops!

And to those of you 
who discovered alternative ways to find me... 
you are the best!

I'm feeling much better now.

You will too, 
as you 
slow down and read 
all the wonders 
Blotanical has to offer.


  1. Dear Meredehuit, that dhalia is gorgeous! And I agree, it's amusing visiting around garden blogs of Blotanical. I'm actually doing the same - Norway, Sweden and Finnland today.

    It's funny to see the title of my blog translated like "educated garden". It's rather "cultivated garden" - though the Hungarian word "művelt" means both. Have you seen that I started posting in English, too?

    "See" you soon!


  2. now I realise why you saw hallelujah when I picked one of your posts!

  3. You're a genius! I love the way you put your thoughts in such a literary form.

  4. Did you discover the problem with Blotanical? I ask because I had a problem on another blog of mine when I added Feedburner - my RSS feed was not making it to my sister's Google Reader any longer. Just curious.

  5. Welcome back. Not that you were ever away. I've only been with Blotanical a short time but I love reading the variety of posts and visiting gardens on the other side of the world. We learn so much from each other.

  6. Hello Meredehuit,
    You make me smile and laugh.
    Of course that was not so funny for you, but you described so well your situation, that I could not be serious.
    I am so happy for you to be back.
    Have a great day.
    See you on your blog, next time with your beautiful story.

  7. Blotanical has much to offer but will have problems now and then.
    Think feedburner is working for me but then again sometimes my blog disappears from the Fav list.
    Glad all is well now.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely!

  9. Thank goodness the cavalry has arrived. It wont be the same if your blog is kept hidden for the world to discover. I have your blog linked in my blog so I can always follow your post.

  10. I am so glad you made this post! I joined blotanical when I first started my blog but didn't know how to pick posts ect. After reading this post I decided it was time to learn, I think I figured it out. Thanks!

  11. I agree, M! As a working mom, I have little time to blog so when I visit Blotanical, I'm a power picker and speed reader. I sincerly attempt to read and comment on each post, but it's often challenging. I'm in high gear, most certainly!! But it's amazing when you actually slow down and read each word; take in the amazingly detailed photos...awesome! I'm sorry for your frustration, and happy for the calvary!

  12. Yaaaa! I hate those kind of problems. I always feel so powerless, like the night the virus it mine. Glad Stuart was able to come to your rescue!

  13. I am pretty new to blogging, so I am experiencing a lot of what you described. My problem is that I get many facebook clicks and I am not even on facebook. This must be a feedburner. I have no clue what I am doing in this regard. I am so new to blotanical and even that is a bit of a problem. I need a blog mentor, so Stuart is my guy?

  14. Great post, Meredehuit. Glad to got fixed up - I think there's been a few glitches in Blogland going around...

  15. Hello Meredehuit - maybe this explains why I've only just found your delightful blog. What an imaginitive and well tempered post, outlining the problems you've been having re Blotanical. Exactly the same thing has just happened to me so any tips gratefully received!
    thank you


  16. I'm really new to Blotanical and don't really know my way around how to find other blogs and posts, other than randomly clicking some of them. After reading this post, I might just have to spend some time more time to figure it out!


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