Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Miracle Monday

I woke up to an amazingly beautiful morning...

The birds are singing
the trees still have their leaves
and the flowers still have their blossoms attached.

Always a miracle to see the calm of the morning 
after watching the winds whip through the gardens yesterday.

Just a few tumbleweeds to gather...
and a few broken branches.

Not so blessed a few miles north...
toppled trees and damaged property.

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Miracle Post
I came upon.


  1. Thanks for your comment. I took a brief tour of your garden this morning -- so beautiful. Your photographs really capture a sense of the clear light there. "Winter" light down here, if you know what I mean. Beautiful pictures, lovely garden.

  2. Thanks so much for the link. :) And for your visit!

  3. I'm glad you fared OK in the storm. I enjoyed your post on dirt, too.

    I forgot to mention that I love the look of your blog.


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