Friday, May 8, 2015

They're Back!


I looked out my window early yesterday morning 
just as a hummingbird was zipping toward the Red-bud tree. 

Quite suddenly, he stopped his flight... 
hovering in mid air.

He cocked his head in all directions then seemed to stare right at me.

"What? No feeders up?"

He then flew away just as quickly as he came.

Did you know that Hummingbirds return to the same nesting place year after year?

Yes, they do... it has actually been documented.

"Most of these birds DO return to the same feeders or gardens to breed year after year. What's more, they often stop at the same spots along the way and arrive on the same date! Not bad for birds with brains no bigger than a grain of rice." Hummingbird Journey North

Well my feeders are up now and the Salvia 'Black and Blue' is planted. 

Did you know Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' 
is a Hummingbird Magnet?

Once this salvia starts blooming in my gardens,
 the feeders are abandoned.

The hummers spend their days dancing in the blue blooms 
sipping the nectar with their long tongues.

They put on quite the show!

♥ BTW... all pictures in this post are from my archives.
No pictures yet of Hummingbirds 2015.
Seriously...  thinking maybe I should always have my camera dangling from my neck.
Sometimes I miss the best shots!

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  1. How nice to see hummingbirds and flowers, with the snow, gone, at last.

  2. Our hummers returned yesterday...can't get a shot of them yet either. They came back with the Baltimore Orioles. Once the trees leaf out, both birds return to their wonder they find the feeders year after wonderful to know they return year after year! Wonderful post and I am so excited yours are back too Carolyn.

  3. Fantastic pictures!~~Dee

  4. They are just darling! What beautiful captures!

  5. Great pics! I know hummingbirds are so hard to take pictures of! I used to grow Salvia 'Black and Blue' in my last garden, and the pollinators loved it. I'm not sure if the hummingbirds used it or not, since it was far from the windows - I saw them a lot on my monarda and lobelia, though. That's so cool that they remember and stop and the same places every year! You could have whole generations of hummingbird families at your garden throughout the years!

  6. the black and blue is just about to pop in my front garden and the hummingbirds will be delighted! The turk's cap isn't far behind. You have some great photos of the little guys. So, so cute. Hope you're enjoying your spring!

  7. Carolyn girl it is such a delight to come over here and visit you : )
    Archives or not I love seeing those magical creatures ! ... Ours are Goldfinches ... we love them and feed them their favorite seeds ... with water close so they don't have to exercise too much ?
    I totally get it with needing to have the camera dangling from your neck .. same here !
    I just finished many hours to water the garden ... we had 2 weeks of summer temps and no Spring rain so it was very dry here ... not stopping the weeds though ... so now I have to take a day to "detail" the garden with weeds, trimming ... usual beauty treatments ? haha
    Lovely post girl !
    Joy : )
    PS I did have Black and Blue one year but it did not so well ... some plants just don't like some gardens ? haha

  8. It is going to be Salvia Black and Blue for me! I have planted it before, and it does have wonderful color. Thanks for the reminder. Your images of the hummingbirds are wonderful. I too have missed many wonderful shots, sometimes even with camera in hand!

  9. How can you NOT be mesmerized by these miracle birds! Every time I read the amazing stats on them, my brain is overwhelmed. Good for you for paying attention to them, Carolyn, and attracting them to your garden. I'd be in heaven!

  10. My annual hummers are here too, and quite delightful! I happened to sit down near the feeders the other day with my camera around my neck, and there they were. I was able to snap away for a good solid hour while they hovered about. Magical!


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