Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh Thank Heavens!

Early morning in my gardens...
is simply magical.

And while the snow lingers in our Mountains...
all is as it should be down here.

Oh Thank Heavens!

"I plant the seed,

You make it grow. 

You send the rain,

I work the hoe."


Verse contributed by Bonnie...
it warms my heart. ♥

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  1. Very beautiful, especially with those snow-capped mountains in the background! Love the poem!

  2. Lovely views....we are due for cold weather and snow this week...but I know it will melt and the garden will go on....love the bright sunlight on your garden.

  3. What a glorious view. I enjoyed your blog. Will stop by often to see more.

  4. Spring has been amazing here this year! The flowering trees are absolutely eye popping. Isn't it wonderful?


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