Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Butterfly Dreams Part 5... A Monarch is Born!

 Undeniably a Miracle... how else can this be explained?

 A Monarch Butterfly, 
just seconds old.

As soon as he breaks free...

 he begins to stretch and expand. 

A Royal Monarch, indeed.
See his stunning cloak?

  How did he ever fit inside that tiny Chrysalis!

 Watch, as second by second, his wings grow longer...

and his body lengthens.

This all happens rather quickly, 
within about a minute...

Through a series of contortions this just a few seconds ago 
chubby body becomes long and lean.

  He will hang in upright position

 until he is ready to test drive his new wings.

And then he will take flight...

The final post in this series of Butterfly Dreams will be posted Saturday.

You will be amazed.  

I sure was.


  1. gorgeous photos thanks for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow - the fact that you captured this amazing transformation is incredible to me! I never realized how much their wings expanded. What a great lesson. I've never seen a butterfly being born!

  4. I'm already amazed, what fantastic photos, congratulations!

  5. What a beautiful sight seeing them emerge. Such a great capture too, Carolyn.


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