Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Butterfly Dreams Part 4... Change from Within

With the caterpillars transformed into Chrysalis, we wait...

Chrysalis formed on leaf of Milkweed

and wait...

Chrysalis moved to safety

and wait.

Tied with thread to top of Butterfly Castle
Everyday we watch for signs of change.

And then it begins...
Can you see the change?
The Chrysalis begins to blacken.

8-12 days will have elapsed since the caterpillar became a Chrysalis. Each of our Chrysalis have entered this stage in the late afternoon or evening. 

 As it blackens, the Chrysalis appears to become translucent 
and we can see what's slowly happening inside. 

When morning comes, we can clearly see the wings of the butterfly 
through the Chrysalis...

and the body on the opposite side from the wings.

 Soon the butterfly inside will begin to expand 
and at that very moment... 

the Chrysalis will begin to split vertically up the center.

This all happens within a matter of seconds...
 and then the beautiful Monarch Butterfly will emerge.

If you blink...
you will miss it.

Come watch this miracle unfold on our next post.
It truly is amazing!

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  1. these pictures are amazing! I want to see the next shots! I can't wait!

  2. What an amazing sequence unfolding here! How fascinating it is to see this as it happens, you have captured it for all of us to enjoy!

  3. Those are some great photos you captured of this.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I am loving your posts at a look into a transformation. But still I wonder - How??? Truly a miracle.

  5. I'm with HolleyGarden. How indeed? Can't wait for the next photos, I'll try not to blink...

  6. How absolutely lovely to watch this transformation in make yourself over...the spiritual aspects are overwhelming!!

  7. Thank You for sharing this with us; that truly was fascinating. I was trying to tell my widow ladies about it today when we were outdoors enjoying the day, gabbing among ourselves. I will have to bring them here to my house and let them witness this same miracle on my computer. By the way, what kind of camera do you use? The pics are so clear. You are obviously very creative.

  8. I love every stage of the Monarch's chrysalis, but especially when it becomes transparent... Wonderful photos!


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