Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jack Frost is Flirting With Autumn

Autumn and Jack Frost  ♪ ♫                 
 have a good thing goin' on.   ♪
She beguiles and bewitches him to come join the frolic 
until he can no longer resist.  

Realizing what a flirt she is, Jack gives the cold shoulder 
and then quickly flees the scene 
leaving behind his enchanting trail of glistening frost.  

Ah-h, but Autumn is relentless and very good at her game 
and so she continues her playful dance 
enticing Jack to visit again and again.


Jack Frost is making his rounds in my gardens.
His frosty fingers have touched some of the most tender plants 
while others still are vibrant and blooming.

 The Dahlias were the first to go.

 I'm already missing the bright oranges... 

and pinks...

and magenta of the summer dahlias.

But with a little action now, 
my dahlia's will dance in my gardens again next summer.

When Jack Frost blackens the leaves of the dahlia,
it's time to begin the over-wintering process.

  • Cut the dahlia plants down, leaving a four to six inch stem stub.
  • Carefully dig up the tubers by inserting a gardening fork or spade about a foot from the center of the plant and digging down about eight inches. Repeat  this action all around the plant  to loosen the soil. 
  • Gently lift the plant stub to expose the tubers. These are the long bulbous portions of the root. Be careful not to break or crack the tubers long neck. A tuber with a cracked or broken neck may not grow.
  • Gently remove the soil from around the tuber. Allow to dry if they are wet.
  • Place several tubers in a plastic bag that you have pierced with small holes. Add sawdust  or shredded paper to absorb the moisture. 
  • Store the dahlia tubers in a cool (above freezing) dry, dark place.

Just a little work now 
will bring back those lovely dahlia blooms 
next Summer!


  1. Oh, weren't the dahlias gorgeous? I so enjoy all of your posts and the poems!

  2. Snow was so last week, Donna. It had all melted by the next day. Gotta love living in Utah.

  3. What a fun and cute poem about autumn and Jack! You are quite the poet, and I really did enjoy reading it. However, I am no friend of Jack. He is a vile, wretched enemy to roughly half of the plants in my garden. He is never welcome here. Stay up north this winter, Jack!

    Your dahlias are wonderful! Wish I could grow those here....

  4. Entertaining poem and great information! Jack Frost hasn't come close to us yet, but you never know. Sometimes he sneaks in early to take a quick nibble! But I hope he doesn't get here for at least another month.

  5. This dance is going on in my garden too! Alas! It will become too frosty soon. Love 'the cold shoulder and trail of glistening frost'. ;>)

  6. Time to pack the tubers in a cold, dark, dry place leaving them alone in the cold cold winter away from the prying eyes of Jack Frost. Let them hibernate and rest until next summer when you take them out again to feel the hot blazing sun and let them dance again in your garden!

  7. Dahlias are such generous plants. Take care of them, and they will give so much back! Here the first (modest) autumn storm has just taken all the leafs.... Time to plan for christmas decorations...

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the bee


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