Friday, November 5, 2010

Encore! Encore!

An Encore of Bright Summer Blooms...
in November! 

 An early morning November walk through my gardens reveal
that amidst the reds, bronze and golds of Fall 
there are plenty of pockets of vibrant summer blossoms
still hanging on.

They've survived the First Snow
and the flirtatious visits of Jack Frost.
 But this may surely be their swan song. 

Never do I remember such vibrant blooms 
in my garden in November. 

Clematis Jackmanii!
Dancing on the gate again...
in November?

Basking in the warmth 
of the unseasonable Autumn sun.

Bloomin' Daisys!
Never before in November.

 I spied this bud several days ago...
 and voila!

She blooms!
 A single Poppy blossom...
peaking out from the red Plumbago leaves.

Apricot Verbena!
Stopped blooming in the hot summer sun, 
now the cool of Autumn has enticed them to join the fun. 

Sea Thrift!
Pink pom poms frosted by Jack...
they love the attention!

A lone blossom blooming.


These enduring blooms 
have escaped the chill of Jack Frost:

Limelight and Mums!
My Fall favorite!

Pink Coral Bells!
Still ringing.

Ballerina Rose Guara!
I call them Dancing Pink Butterflies.

Apple Blossom Knockout Rose!
Still blooming strong.


Today our high temp will be 68°
so unusual for this time of year.

We're enjoying the delightful back and forth 
of the changing of our seasons.

What will next week bring to 

This Grandmother's Garden?



  1. Unbelieveble! How very beautiful - especially the Scabiosa. Thius is one of my favorites. (I had white ones in my wedding bouqet.)

    Have a nice "Alla helgona"!
    (The Swedish version of Halloween; remember those that are no longer amongst us, and lit a candle on their graves.)

  2. Oh! Your first collage is so stunning!! Beautiful Clematis and how lucky to have it blooming on for you. Lovely post!! All your blooms and photos are gorgeous. I agree I wish we had connected sooner. You were but two hours away. Hopefully there will be other times. ;>)

  3. Lovely flowers. Although we lived in opposite hemisphere, we have the same poppy blooming in our garden too.

  4. I love seeing the blooms again, especially the collage of the roses. So beautiful. We may get snow, but not as nice as your early snow. Ours will be wet and mushy.

  5. I love your photos.It is stunning that so many flowers is still going strong. Some of my flowers are blooming as well. Have a nice weekend./Gela

  6. Your flowers are so delightful, and so is your post, the way you arranged all the pictures and text is wonderful. Enjoy all those beautiful blooms for those of us in the colder climates and thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  7. What a lovely blog of yours...
    have a nice weekend.

  8. a lot of beautiful blooms! I hope they last you some more

  9. What a wonderful parade of blooms for early November..

  10. ah yes, the last wave goodbye from our favourite flowers...over here in england we are also enjoying a pleasant warm autumn and the leaf colour is superb...although the weather is due to change soon

  11. You have a lot of beautiful flowers, especially for this late in the year!

  12. Wow, that's pretty incredible. And here I thought only CA had an unseasonably warm fall with temps in the 80s. But even you?

    Well, might as well enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow! How very pretty and very lucky you are to still be enjoying these blossoms. You really have a lot still blooming!

  14. Wow! Amazing how many colorful blooms you have after snow and frost have hit!

  15. The only positive side of global warming I guess. Great blooms

  16. Look at those pretty, and persistent blooms! I have some lone blooms like that, too. I have that same kind of gaura, too.

    Our warm part of fall seems to be over. Still, the highs for the next few days are supposed to be in the 50s. Fifty with wind feels cold, though, since we've gotten used to the low 70s. I really need to get out and dump the rest of my pots.


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