Thursday, October 21, 2010

She Tiptoed into My Gardens While I was Away...

I've been waiting patiently 
since the first day of Fall 
for her arrival.

I go away for six days
and while I'm gone...

tiptoed right into my garden.

My first suspicion came as I looked out the window in the early morning
to see that my back neighbor's fence
had exploded into a fiery deep red.

The Virginia Creeper was ablaze!
(Just six days ago, the only sign of Autumn in my gardens 
was the color changes found on the mountain
that I look up at each morning.)
Giddy as a school girl in Spring
I grabbed my camera,
slipped on my shoes
and raced out the back door
to confirm my reverie.

It's official...

This Grandmother's Garden
has finally begun!

A single branch of dainty leaves on one of my Honey Locust trees
is just beginning to turn to gold.

A glance upward at the Eastern Redbud greets me with a canopy
of lemon and lime dancing hearts.

Hard to believe that last Spring these tender Redbud leaves
emerged in shades of deep burgundy.

The Red Flame Maple trees have just a few scattered branches showing off their colors.
Their leaves turn from green to yellow
to orange
to bright red.

It won't be long before each of the Red Flames
will be completely consumed with burning colors in the Autumn sun.

The Bailey Dogwoods are a kaleidoscope of color
as the sunshine gently peaks through them.
Notice the ragged edges on each leaf
left by the Root Weevil earlier in the Summer.

These leaves were a dark green when I last saw them.

The leaves from the trees that reside in the green space beside the jogging trail 
have turned a delicious shade of amber
and have nearly dropped all of their leaves
in the short time that I have been gone.

The delicate leaves of the Coral Bark Maple are enchanting
with their many shades of pastels

deepening to darker, more vibrant colors.

Once begun, the change happens so quickly!
I can't wait to see what more this week will bring.

There are more plants yet to join this

Autumn Dance

with beautiful colors about to emerge.

What a frolic this promises to be!


  1. Wonderful autumn dance, Meredehuit! So many wonderful hues that color your leaves! It all seems so unnatural to these eyes. I love living vicariously through blogs like yours this time of year! (I shall have colorful maples as well, probably in January.)

  2. Oh, how beautiful, Autumn has decorated your garden in so many ways, with such gorgeous color. What a change to come home to!

  3. I am dazzled by your second photo! Wonderful. You have a lovely dance going on there. ;>)

  4. I love all the colors! Just gorgeous!

  5. I love this time of year! My little boy just turned one, and I love that his birthday is right when the leaves start to turn.

  6. The Va Creeper looks amazing! Ours turns red but not so beautifully - the only time I've seen them that clear brilliant red here was after Hurricane Floyd went through.

    The only thing that has turned fully here is the Poison Ivy -- the only good thing about it is that it does turn beautiful colors..

  7. Your garden is adorned in Falls finest. The Virginia Creeper is always reliable in that vibrant red. My neighbor behind me has a huge crop of POISON IVY growing near my fence. As miserable of a plant as this is, it does put on quite the red show for Fall.

  8. Rich autumn palette! You captured them beautifully, Meredith!

  9. I have had that picture from your mountain in my head for over a week now and even when I was writing my last post I was thinking about how the mountain would look now. Your garden certainly is displaying its autumnal array of colours and dancing in the breeze.

  10. Lovely autumn colors and beautiful photography! I look forward to peeking into your garden often!


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