Friday, October 1, 2010

The Duck Days of Autumn

It's the first of October 
and if our weatherman is correct...
the temperature in my gardens will reach 90° F today.

It has NEVER been so hot in October 
along the Wasatch Front.

So what do you do when the heat soars?

You go swimming, of course!

Make way for ducklings...

come along little darlings!

Kick those little legs and paddle as fast as you can.

 No dawdling, little dears, stay close to Mamma.

A little synchronized swimming from the older folk...
looking good!


And when the Daddy duck says
"quack, quack, quack..."

it's splashin' time!

Tag! You're it!

Now that was a fun party.

Hey, with warm days like this...
I'm not even thinkin' about flying south for the Winter!

Oh... but you're forgetting that weather guy also said,
"A cold front is moving in on Monday with 
in the mountains on Wednesday."

Ok, we're outta here! We can be in Arizona by Tuesday.


We're going to miss these little ducks.
They spend their Summer months playing in the water about 200 feet from our gardens.

Until next year!
Safe journey!


  1. Love those ducklings. I will miss them too.... :) Great shots!

  2. Beautiful photographs! You've captured the "Duck Days" perfectly. I can't wait for the snowbirds to reach Florida. Winter is a glorious time for birdwatching in my garden. Hope I am prepared with stocked feeders in time.

  3. Dear Meredhuit, How charming these ducks and ducklings are. It has always distressed me that, as I understand it, ducks make very bad parents and will often abandon and not care properly for their young. Like you, I wish them all well on their journey!

  4. Oh, they are so cute, and they are near your gardens all summer long? You have some amazing photos (as usual!) and a great story, too! Ninety degrees? Oh, my, that is hot for any time of year, I can see why swimming would be a good idea.

    What a change of weather you are in for, you break out the suntan lotion or look for a snow shovel?

  5. What a fun and playful post! The fall light is beautiful even if the themometer says 90! I think you've got us beat - only 88 today in Austin :-)

  6. How dear that you have had these ducklings so near and to be able to watch them grow all summer. Precious family and photos! The water will be quieter now except for the migrating ducks that will surely visit.

  7. What sweet photos of this family! I imagine they'll head south soon enough with SNOW in the forecast. GASP!!! I can't even think of it!

  8. What a cute family portrait. The ducklings were so adorable. Nice photography, too.

  9. Hello,
    They have A good life, these ducks. Bravo for this beautiful and loving post.

  10. Lovely photos and story! You should print them out and make a little book for your grandkids.

  11. Wow, I think it was warmer at your house then it was here in Florida. That's crazy. But no snow in the forecast for us. Great pics.

  12. Wow, such beautiful photos!I really love the title of your post too, so cute :)


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