Monday, September 27, 2010

The Other Side of Our Mountain

I'm on the hunt for Autumn
as my gardens are  
Still Dancin' in the Summer Sun!

But the view from my back porch
 through the plum and the pine boughs tell me
that Autumn is just around the bend from
This Grandmother's Garden.

And if I travel to the other side of our mountain...

Autumn is rockin'!!!

The maples are blushing in reds...

  and the aspens have a hint of the gold
that will soon light the trees on fire.

A few more months will find this scene white with Winter 
as skiers race down the slopes on the Greatest Snow on Earth.

But for now, on this early morning visit,
we find peace in the solitude of the trees.

and beauty...
in the changing of the Season.

Sweet berries for the birds...

and seedheads to delight.

The appearance of a stained glass window 
from my camera's view
 upwards to the delicious blue sky.

An old open window that seems to illicit a distant memory 
and gives invitation  to enter.

The leaves of Autumn... soon to fall.

These scenes were captured on our Saturday visit to
Sundance Resort in the Wasatch mountains at the base of Mount Timpanogos.  
The drive from our home was 35 minutes to see the "other side" of the very mountain
that we are blessed to gaze upon each day as we look up from our gardens.

We limited our visit to Sundance,
but there is so much more to see in our beautiful mountains.

Next week we will take the Alpine Loop 
which begins just 10 minutes from our home and is a premier scenic drive to view the Autumn colors in Utah.

We will stop at Cascade Springs, a boardwalk of nature trails and bridges
that weave through the natural springs and if we are lucky,
we'll see native trout in the crystal clear waters.

Visiting Cascade Springs is a family tradition that began well over 35 years ago.
This year, I'm looking for some grandkids to make the hike with us.  
Wanna come?


  1. Lovely pictures!!!! Have a nice day/Gela

  2. Such great photos - you have really brought out the autumn colours so well. Yes I can see exactly where the ski path will be. Hope you get some takers on that hike!

  3. Seems strange to me that autumn has arrived on the other side of your mountain, but has yet to come for you. But I know nothing of these autumns and changing colors, being a Florida girl and all. Anyway, love, love, love all your warm fall colors! You do live in a beautiful spot.

  4. Thank you for your photos. They are truly beautiful and I think I may need to start planning a vacation west...soon!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I am so enjoying seeing these pictures of the changing colors of fall as we don't have that here. I would love to go on that hike. Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren. :)

  6. Such lovely vistas and the fall colors make them even more beautiful.

  7. So beautiful pictures, I love the colors.

  8. Good morning! Your part of the country is simply beautiful and unreal to me as I've never seen mountains like this. The stained glass against the sky is a wonderful picture indeed!

  9. How lucky you are to have such beautiful views to arise to each morning! Those mountains are so majestic and nothing like snow melt water to entice a garden. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing...

  10. It is all SO beautiful. The blue of the sky with the leaves in the foreground is amazing. How blessed you are to have the view of the mountains from your windows.

  11. i am in awe of the gorgeousness of your setting there, meredehuit! incredible. thanks for dropping by my blog today. it's nice to "meet" you!

  12. Hi;
    Gorgeous pics. That Alpine Loop area is so pretty in autumn. Did you have dinner at Sundance? I get weak in the knees thinking about their menu...

  13. I think your photos look amazing. Thats the sort of scene I would love to witness for myself as I love autumn colours so much. You are so blessed to live in such a scenic area.

  14. Sounds like a good idea! I haven't been to cascade springs since I was a kid too...need to go.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous fall color. You are really blessed to have that view out your window.I would be out everyday in your 'backyard'. Nature at it's finest.

  16. How lucky to live so close to such awesome beauty! Fabulous photos of the landscape! A joy to see. Thank you! ;>)

  17. Wow! This is like going on vacation! I am certainly looking forward to your follow-up posts on this beautiful part of the country. Your mountain is a very special place!

  18. what a beautiful nature! thank u for sharing.

  19. You are so blessed to live near such beauty! Love your photos, truly amazing!

  20. You are an incredible photographer; I love looking at your photos!

  21. Oh, thank you for showing us the other side of the mountain and your side, too! What absolutely stunning beauty you are surrounded by, it is truly, truly amazing. I would love to see it in person, but will gratefully settle for seeing it through the lens of a very talented photographer!

  22. Thank you for ur visit. U have to change the language, by clicking on the tab close to the comment box, changing "FA" into "En", so that I can understand u. :D

    me, too, love the ocean, in any weather, of course if I am on the land!!! LOL

  23. Hi! I really love the photos especially the ones with autumn leaves around the window and the one with wooden planks. Makes me wish I was there to witness the beauty.

  24. You could make a book from this, too. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful area!

  25. what a lovely post Meredehuit, you live in a very beautiful area, I just can't imagine 90 degrees it is so far from our tempretures, I look forward to reading about the alpine trail, Frances


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