Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cascade Springs in Autumn... Magical!

found high in the Wasatch Mountains 
along the Alpine Loop 
at the base of Mount Timpanogos.

 The other side of my mountain.

The crystal clear water comes from deep within the earth 
and flows over a series of travertine terraces 
 forming small waterfalls and pools where native trout swim freely.

More than 7 million gallons of water flow through Cascade Springs each day.
The original source of this water is rain and snow that slowly seeps downward 
along bedrock fractures to become ground water. 

Ground water passes through the tilted rock layers
until it encounters an impermeable layer, 
which redirects the water upward toward the surface 
where it seeps through the thin layer of glacial deposits.

 After reaching the surface, the water cascades over the terraces 
where the pools are slowly but continually changing shape as new travertine is formed.

There are a series of boardwalks throughout the springs
with benches provided along the walkways for rest 
as well as taking in the beauty of the surroundings. 
Great family picture taking spots!

It's a magical place to visit any time of the year

but our favorite time is during the Fall.

when the Autumn leaves are dancing.

Visiting Cascade Springs is a tradition we began well over 35 years ago 
when my honey and I first began dating.

I'm sure that many a romance has bloomed 
in the crisp Fall air of Cascade Springs.

 Ours surely did!

It is an amazingly beautiful place.

 Returning always brings back sweet memories.


  1. What a beautiful pair of posts on your fall weather glory! Cascade Springs looks wonderful, and the story of your romance there makes it doubly so. Thank you for taking me along on your drive. Lovely!

  2. Wow! Beautiful! I'm gonna have to visit that part of the world in fall someday.

  3. A very beautiful place! Such vibrant fall colors.

  4. beautiful, sounds almost magical thanks for sharing, Frances

  5. Those are beautiful fall images. That is a great tradition. Fall is coloring up a bit slowly here in New England.

  6. There are so many scenic spots there near your home, I so enjoyed sharing them with you! And what a sweet love story. My DH and I met in the laundry room of our college dorms 29 years ago. Ah romance! LOL

  7. Such a lovely place! And so well captured by your pictures, it was like taking a walk on the banks of the little stream.

  8. Dear Meredhuit, What a beautiful walk along this river, so aptly named Cascade Springs. I am sure that, like you, my favourite time to walk here would be in the autumn and how delightful to have strategically placed benches where one can sit and listen to the babblig brook. Lovely!

  9. How incredibly beautiful!!! Such serene images to still a spinning mind. A perfect start to my day.:0)

  10. Stunning! What a treasure... This is THE prettiest Fall blog post I have seen anywhere. *SIGH* So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you. Beautiful!! Have a great day -- Cheers, Bonnie in WA

  11. Lovely photos. It looks like a beautiful place to have a family picnic. The leaf color is amazing. We do not have any of that as of yet. I do not think we will unless I do a bit of traveling south of here. Describing it as magical was right on.

  12. Beautiful, loved the crystal clear stream.

  13. These photos make me long for the autumn of my childhood. I do love fall here in Austin, but dang it's just so different. Thanks for the memories :-)


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