Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 Celebration

Did you smile at the thought of  

[October 10, 2010]

and then considered this date deserved a celebration?

Well it does!

October 10, 2010 is...

This Grandmothers Garden
Six Month Anniversary. 
(It would have been way more cool if it was my 10th.)

To celebrate this grand milestone 
I have finally found the time needed to accept the invitation from

Frances from Island Threads

Kate from High Altitude Gardening 

to join the bloggers game of sharing my list of 10 things I enjoy.

Here we go! 
Hang on for the ride...

  My Sweetheart

He's my best friend, my eternal companion 
and he can still cut through big rocks with his shovel.

Being a Mother of Many

It's my life's greatest joy
and that includes everything that goes with this sacred calling. 
I delight in it, 
I rejoice in it 
and I’m forever challenged by it.

 My Children... 
they are my symphony!

♪  ♫ ♪  ♫  ♪  ♫
♫  ♪  ♫

And I’m so thankful they are all on key. (Most of the time.)

My Grandchildren

Their hugs and kisses are the best of paydays. 

Discovering New Life in my Gardens 
Tiny miracles that always bring joy.

Teaching Piano Lessons

 Watching as my students discover the magic 
of “tickling the ivories”. 

Flowers of Every Variety

The miracle of a blossom will always bring delight.
How blessed I am to be able to garden.

Their majesty brings solace to my soul. 
(My view each morning as I look up from my back porch.)

 My favorite holiday. 
It brings out the witch in me.
Yes, this is really me.
I have such fun!

Early Morning in my Gardens

The magic hour. 
 Indescribable as to why – you just have to experience it for yourself. 
Your garden, or mine?


 There you have it!
I'm sending this on to 10 more bloggers to give the game a try:

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It's your turn to give it a whirl!


  1. What a great post and how appropriate on the tenth to count 10 of your blessings. I smiled when I saw your number one.

  2. Great job you did. I love that early morning photo of your garden - what a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a cuppa!

  3. This made for a good read. It is nice to know more about you. I feel the same way about kisses and hugs from my kids.

  4. It's great to have someone who can cut through rocks for you! I enjoyed learning more about you. The baby bird pic made my hear melt! And I would love to spend early morning in your garden. It is beautiful!

  5. Nice post. I have been too busy to do the same thing. Wish I had. I have some hydrangeas to move and I hate to think what my back will be like when I get through, so maybe you could send your helper over to my house?

  6. Congratulations on your 6-month anniversary. Lovely post.

  7. What a beautiful post
    Happy anniversary!

  8. WOW! This is such a great list! Your family is wonderful... and I have to tell you, your garden picture is SO inviting! I aspire to this someday... :D

  9. congratulations on your six months in blogland, I'm soooo pleased more gardeners are finding time to blog/share their gardens, yours is to die for and with that mountain back drop too,

    you have a lovely family, a beautiful post so glad you found time to join in and sorry I didn't realise others had asked you too, Frances

  10. Dear Meredhuit, How time flies when one is enjoying oneself!! Congratulations on reaching a six month milestone. A weblog is a curious thing in that in so many ways it takes on a life of its own and is so difficult to control.

    Your 10 things gave me such an insight to your life. Such simple pleasures are really the best!

  11. Oh you've some great photos there and I have just seen my name on the list lol. I loved that little nest with the blue wool woven with the twigs. You are so blessed with those grandchildren of yours.

    It might take me a few days to get a post organised for this but I will get one put together soon but I need to get my Garden bloggers bloom day post done first :)

  12. I loved your creative post of your 10 faves :-) I took this challenge as well after being invited by another blogger. It was fun to reflect on the good!

  13. Your No.1 is macho! Your 2 who doesn't sing off key makes me laugh. Greats photos especially of the nest and grandkids.


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