Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Raspberry Morning!

Just imagine waking up to fresh, delicious 
Red Raspberries 
for the next several weeks! 

(Go ahead and pop it into your mouth!)

♥  ♥  ♥  

Let the harvest begin!

Our raspberries are everbearing...

which means they begin bearing fruit 
in my gardens 
around Labor Day...

and will continue setting fruit until the frost comes.

And that means yummy sweet raspberries each morning!


We actually pick all the ripe berries every other morning.
We gather enough berries from our small plot
for several batches of freezer jam. 

In two days there will be enough ripe berries 
for several more batches of jam.

This pattern goes on for several weeks until the frost kills the vines.

After the frost, 
we cut our vines down to the ground
and then we wait for Spring to come 
when the vines will grow again to make more delicious jam.

Best Raspberry Freezer Jam: 

Simply follow the directions on the package!

4 cups of fruit and 1 and 1/2 cups sugar
will make 5 (8oz) half pints.


A few more interesting Raspberry facts:

Did you know the raspberry (Rubus) is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the Rose family? 

There are two distinct types of raspberries: floricane fruiting (summer bearing) and primocane fruiting (everbearing). 


  1. We planted a raspberry plant this year and for awhile it was doing great. It grew leaves and a few berries. But now all the leaves dropped off and it's a stick. Do you still think it's okay? Your raspberries look amazing!

  2. Positively luscious! My Mom's favourite berry. :)

  3. Wonderful! I love raspberry anything! Lucky you to have such prolific, healthy vines.

  4. Wonderful! I love raspberry anything! Lucky you to have such prolific, healthy vines.

  5. Dear Meredhuit, Raspberries are indeed moreish and yours look absolutely delicious. How wonderful to be able to just step outside and gather such bounty from your garden.

    Jam making I always associate with bubbling cauldrons and runny mixtures which never set. I cannot believe that it can be as easy as you write here.

  6. Lush raspberries ... my husband's favorite ... he can never get his fill! (We'll be right over :)

  7. I have been eating raspberries every day... not from my gardens but a local farmer... your photos are stunning ... the colors radiant! The berries look scrumptious. I do not have the everbearing... mine are long gone by. I will have to find them. One of my favorite fruits. ;>)

  8. That plate of raspberries is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite berry too.

  9. I was salivating at the thought of fresh rasberries. They look so yummy - wonderful photos. No chance I could grow those in the tropics! Oh well, I will just go back to enjoying my pawapaw and passionfruit! Enjoy my little foray into your world though.

  10. I just had raspberry pie for the first time two days ago, and was it good. A friend made the pie from her crop of berries.Your berries look yummy.It must be nice to be able to grow and pick your own.

  11. Hmm - moderate climate, but she is expecting frost! Me and my Didelta, we don't like that ;>)

  12. Oh, those raspberries look absolutely delicious! Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits... Maybe I'll have to do some research about raspberries in my area =]

  13. I can almost tell you how sweet those berries are! I have yet to try planting raspberries. How much space do they need?

  14. Oh yum....

    I love making jam....mostly plum and peach. But, I would love to try rasberry jam sometime. I hope you enjoy your harvest :-)

  15. Oh, these look delicious! I love raspberries and have been looking for a local grower where I could buy some. Lucky you to be able to pick them in your own back yard!

    Beautiful photos of hummingbirds on your last post!

  16. That must be great to wake up every day to so many berries
    truly an amazing harvest!
    how many plants do you have?

    ps: thank you for the comment on my blog

  17. Oh Meredhuit, I am completely green with envy! My raspberries are just starting to peek out a few new leaves to greet spring with now. They are my favourite fruit, so I an very much looking forward to January when they will hit their peak here!

  18. Yummy! ....I'm feeling the need to make some toast & jam !!.... :D

  19. Cool blog, I had not noticed before in my searches!
    Carry on the great work!

  20. There is nothing so wonderful as homegrown raspberries. I get mine from a friend of mine but they never get to the jam stage ... yours look so yummy, I almost did try to eat the image!

  21. Dear Meredehuit, raspberries are my favourites. I have "Autumn Bliss" with similar character you described. I should increase the plantation to make jam, too. Good idea!

  22. The raspberries look great. They do not grow locally so I can only imagine how good they must taste vis-a-vis the frozen ones we have.

  23. Thanks for flagging this beautiful post for me. I love how raspberries bracket our season...The first berry and the last in my garden is a raspberry. (Maybe I should grow strawberries and get a jump on that?)

    I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by at ours.


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