Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blooms de Jour

I took an early morning walk around my gardens this morning, just me and the early birds who woke me up with their "Ode to This New Day" celebration. I'm sure they wondered why I was out and about so early. I peeked in on mama House Finch, she's still warming her five little eggs in her blue nest. As I walked I marveled that just four days ago my blossoms were covered in four inches of snow. It's quite amazing that they could survive! 

Here's what's blooming today (be sure to click on each pic to enlarge it):

 "Coral Bells" Heuchera Saxifragaceae

One of my favorites! 
I have given Coral Bells place in every landscape I have designed, 
always at the base of a tree, 
simply because I love them there!

"Purple Robe" Rockfoil Saxifraga

This dainty crimson flower sits on a lush carpet of moss-like foliage
and blooms in early Spring and Summer.
It looks amazing growing next to the fountain stones in my garden!

"Periwinkle" Apocynaceae

Dark glossy leaves with periwinkle blue blossoms 
make this an easy favorite!
It's trailing habit makes it a perfect ground cover for slopes.

 "Sea Pink Thrift" Armeria Plumbaginaceae

Absolutely love these! 
I have planted them at intervals 
along the border of my planting areas next to my house.
They bloom from early Spring to late Fall.
Be sure to dead-head them for prolific blooms!

"Red-Osier" Dogwood C. Stolonifera

This dogwood has exceptionally bright red twigs
that contrast beautifully with our Winter snow. 
The small creamy white flowers appear in clusters 
throughout the summer months.
(Click on the pic and look close and you'll see a bit of leaf damage 
due to the Spring snow storm we had on Monday.)

Aquilegia "Columbine" Raninculaceae

This is a miniature Columbine which grows a mere 4-8 inches tall. 
I actually prefer the taller species of this plant, 
but delight in these little guys for now.

"Wine and Roses" Weigela Caprifoliaceae

This is my favorite Weigela. 
The bright red-pink trumpet shaped blossoms bloom in Spring
then the foliage turns a deep burgundy, 
a color I use a lot in my gardens.

"Lovely Yellow Blossoms"  Beautifaceae  :)
Do you know the name of this perennial?

Not many yellow flowers are invited to live in my gardens.  
I really do love the color but I am very particular about the shade.
This is one I enjoy and I can't jiggle my memory enough to remember the name.
Can you help me?
I've planted four of these mounding plants on my berms.
They bloom a delicious shade of yellow in Spring
and then I enjoy the greenery for the remainder of the growing season.


One of the things I love most about gardening is how my gardens are ever changing. My walk this morning revealed new buds on plants that I'm anxious to welcome. A few more days of sunshine and they'll begin to open.  

Now what could possibly be more exciting than that?!


  1. Your blooms are beautiful! I'm not sure of the identity of your lovely yellow plant, but I'm sure someone else will know. I'm glad the snow did no damage.

  2. I love coral bells, I use them for fillers in my bouquets! What a wonderful morning walk you had!

  3. Lovely array of blooms! Your plants look very happy and healthy. Is your yellow perennial a geum? It looks similar to my geums but I'd really need to see a closeup of the leaves/blooms.

  4. I love the blooms of the flowers! They are so beautiful! I wish I have a garden full of flowers.

  5. I'm so glad you all enjoyed viewing my blooms. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  6. I call them Sundrops; the botanical name starts with an O..having a Sr. moment now; can't think of it. I almost looks like Wood's Poppy. A friend of mine gave me several small plants last year and I enjoyed seeing them bloom this year. Maybe you can google both common names.


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