Monday, May 31, 2010

Are Their Hearts As Broken As Mine?

This is not the post I want to write.

This morning I wanted to share the joy of my happy news 
of the hatching of my  five little eggs in the blue nest.
  I first discovered the nest ten days ago and since then 
have waited with sweet anticipation for the Baby Finch Five to arrive.

I must admit I peeked a few times to view their progress 
and snapped a couple of pics rather quickly when mama was gone. 

What a delight to see the babies emerge!

one by one until there were five little balls of fluff.

but sadly today the nest is empty, 
gray down feathers scattered to the wind.
 no sign of mama and papa
the melody of their morning song noticeably gone. 

I can only wonder...
are their hearts as broken as mine?

Nature can be so cruel.


  1. Nature can seem cruel, but to the creature that got the little birds, it was just doing what it needed to. Still, I know exactly how you are feeling, as I went through the same thing when I found a snake in a bird's nest at my house. I don't blame the snake, but I still recall the sadness I felt. Really, the true cruelty in this world is usually human-done. Makes nature seem kind, when you think of it that way.

  2. Oh no. Do you think they got eaten by something? That would be so sad! Either way I would save that nest. It is seriously amazing!

  3. Meredith, you're right, it's just that I seem to see my world through rose colored glasses. Last year we had a nest in the same place with little eggs as well. There is a plum tree 25ft from the nest. The sweet little couple flew there together for a few minutes away. We watched as a hawk swooped down and carried the female away. The male tried his best to rescue his little mate, but could not. The eggs became orphans and did not hatch. I like my rose colored lense best.


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