Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Blooms!

Did you read BLOOM as a noun... "Spring Blooms"
or as a VERB... "Spring Blo-o-o-oms"?
Actually, you could read it either way
but I wrote it
as a verb.


As in... Ta da! 
(Drum Roll Please)

Spring has finally arrived!

 Is there any season
that brings such SWEET anticipation?
I don't think so.

In the Fall we plant bulbs deep
in rich garden soil 
and wait PATIENTLY throughout the Winter
for the warmth of the golden sun to wake them up.

And when they do...
it's a really BIG deal.
Oh we do get excited when the Tulips bloom.

Springs brings RENEWAL to our gardens...
 every bud and blossom, 
every blade of grass
every leaf 
is fresh and new.

 This renewal of life
and reminds us of our Divine Creator.

And we feel very BLESSED... 
blessed to live in this place, 
blessed to cultivate this earth,
blessed to nurture all 
that share our space...
the birds, 
the bugs, 
the bees.

Isn't it a glorious scene to behold
as the earth AWAKENS?

So glad it's SPRING!

But so mindful that SNOW could still fall
in This Grandmother's Garden.

♥  ♥  ♥

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on this very day 
all across this beautiful world.

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  1. Gorgeous blooms Carolyn and great photo's, the tulip are so beautiful. Happy Spring.

  2. Lovely blooms. You are so lucky. Everything here is still a disaster, then things finally started to grow and we got snow Monday night.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I do feel blessed to live here. We often receive snowfall in Spring but it rarely stays long and the blooms survive.

  3. It is not lost on me, Carolyn, that tulips are so much of what spring means to people everywhere...and not just in the Netherlands where I live! We'd had no winter to speak of, so spring came almost a month early for us. The tulip fields will be long past their prime when the festivals (and tourists!) arrive. But at least we've shared the tulips with you, and that's good! :)

  4. Beautiful photos, Jennifer. I love the first one - purple and blue composition, very vernal!

    1. Thanks Susan. Just kidding. I know your name is Nadezda, and I know you know my name. You must have been in a hurry. :)

  5. I had snow this morning as well, but it is so nice to see things finally blooming after the long winter! Your flowers look lovely! I rarely get tulips, as something usually eats them, but we'll see if I get a few this year!

    1. Usually the deer eat our tulips before they can bloom, but this year some survived. Our deer population is way down thanks to the city. (I'm not happy about that.) We had tons of tulips blooming last week, then a strong Highland wind came in the night and stripped most of the petals. The blooms in this post were still buds when the winds came and survived the wind.

  6. Vos photos sont superbes. J'ai très hâtes d'avoir des tulipes, mais il reste encore de la neige. Bonne fin de journée.

  7. Happy spring, Carolyn! I ca see that you are surrounded by beauty!

  8. You have a nice spring in your garden. It is an amzing season, and so beautiful to watch.

    1. I feel the same... Spring is beautiful no matter where you're from.

  9. These photos are SO pretty Carolyn!! It's snowing here, so I am a tad envious. lol Thank you for sharing this with us at Soartful!!

    1. So glad you visited, Electra... do come again! (I'm thinking this is your first time here?)

  10. Stunning photos, Carolyn and once again, your words touch my heart--I particularly love your phrase "This renewal of life TOUCHES our SOULS and reminds us of our Divine Creator." A hearty amen! Thanks for your beautiful post.

    1. And your words always touch mine as well... so glad to be blogging friends!

  11. Gorgeous colors, sigh...spring.. Our tulips are showing leaves, but not budding yet. Soon I hope.


  12. Patience, my dear. Spring always comes.

  13. Simply gorgeous images! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  14. What a beautiful post for me to read on Easter! Spring is the season that warms our hearts more than any other. And it looks wonderful in your garden. It's hard to believe we got a little snow on Tuesday, because today was nearly 80. Just crazy.

  15. Carolyn your spring is gorgeous even with a little snow....I adore tulips but alas so do the deer so I will enjoy yours as I do not plant them anymore.

  16. oh even with that little drop of snow it still looks divine! love that vinca just rambling through those cobbles and how bright and cheerful all of those tulips are :)

  17. Such lovely spring blooms. The colors are spectacular. Happy spring!

  18. Nothing in the garden is more exciting than seeing those first bulbs and other signs of spring! I hope that snow will soon be gone until next winter for you. I don't think I could tolerate such long winters, though I suppose that would make spring just that much sweeter!

  19. Carolyn girl your blooming gorgeous ! LOL
    Seriously your flowers are so pretty and I love the way they are mixed with periwinkle and other gorgeous plants.
    We are behind you with blooms .. a few daffs have been brave enough to show their faces but as for the tulips they are still hiding behind in their greenery .. but they will have to smile some time soon ?
    Slowly but surely the weather is giving way here in Kingston .. soon enough I will be complaining about the heat and humidity ? LOL
    Enjoy these gorgeous BLOOMING plants girl !

  20. Quelle belle association cette première photo. Heureux printemps à vous!


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