Saturday, December 7, 2013

The View from the Warm Side of My Window

  My Garden Gate

When I was a child we squealed with delight
when we woke up to fresh snow covering our world.

We couldn't wait to gather 
our boots and coats and hats and mittens...
and rush out into the cold chilly air 
to build snowmen and snow forts
and capture the falling snowflakes with our tongues.

For hours on end we rode our sleds
 up and down the unploughed roads...
powered by our dog Tippy
who loved the snow as much as we did.
Winter was magical.

I'm much older now...
my creaking bones remind me of that daily.
 Winter is still quite magical for me
but on cold frosty mornings like today...
 best viewed from the warm side of my window.

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  1. LOL, I have to agree! Except that we need to pop out every now and then for a photo shoot! Lovely photo, BTW.

  2. Yes, I agree entirely. I think I grew tired of it even as a child though. Well, maybe not with the first snow, but I know it got old by February. ;-) But, yes, it's beautiful when you're inside looking out!

    1. I actually love the snow. But fresh is always best. :)

  3. Yes to magical. And yes, there is something to be said from viewing from the inside out. Currently here in Central Oregon it is minus 21 degrees tonight. What's the temperature your way? Stay cozy!

    1. Oh and I thought we were cold! We've been hovering in the low teens for awhile now. Stay warm sweet friend!

  4. We've lost all of our snow now, Carolyn. But I'm sure it will be back. It is so beautiful (especially in your photographs!) but I get quite nervous these days about being snowed in (the big chest freezer downstairs helps, though!)

    1. It's taken me so long to reply that I bet you do have more snow by now. I've not seen France in Winter, but I would guess it is simply lovely.

  5. I was born where it was hot and sunny on Christmas..Winter is magical and it tends to draw me out doors but oh so nice to retreat back indoors after a walk..

  6. Brrrrr...that looks so cold but so beautiful!

  7. I agree...I enjoy snow more from my warm side of the window...although I do like to make a few trips out and about.

  8. Winter is still magical but I'm with you about viewing it from the warm side of the window. We get so little snow here that when it falls, everyone in the neighborhood goes out walking and even some of us older folks feel like kids again. Often we saunter down to the park down the street and to the neighborhood grocery store to get something warm to drink. Your picture and words are, as always, beautiful!

  9. Wonderful view and a lot of snow, Carolyn! I agree winter is magical if you look at the window! We have frost -7C and need to put more clothes on to go out. I love an every day walk because there is no work in my garden.
    Have a nice week!


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