Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't Ya Know I've Had a Hard Day?

 I'm feeling a little ragged 
around the edges...

Raggedy Annes

Spent my whole day updating my template.
The pastels of Spring
just weren't speaking to me 

Pretty in Pink

I really like to change this blog 
with each 
changing season.

Don't even know 
what happened to Summer...
I blinked 
and she was gone.

Just an Old Zinnia

Thought I'd have it all up 
and running 
by noon.

 That was long before I realized 
Blogger is now 
new and improved.

Last Leaf Hanging

Don't they know 
that if it's not broken 
they shouldn't try to fix it?

Changing the header was easy...
but the blog colors? 

Oh my... 
they'll just have to stay pastel
until I figure it out. 

Done this dozens of times before
Never have I had 
such trouble.

Enlightening Leaves

I've read too many tutorials 
on how to fix Bloggers bumbling 
and I can honestly say... 

None of them work.

Maybe fresh eyes 
another day 
will solve the mystery.

Update: Fresh eyes in the morning...I figured it out.
And I love the new Autumn look... 
what do you think?

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  1. Hang in there, girl. New inspiration will find its way to you with a fresh fall breeze.

    1. Oh I hope so... thank you for visiting! Do come again.

  2. Carolyn, I share your frustration with the constant changes in google/blogger and am sorry that your day was a frustrating one. Your new header looks wonderful. Did you create that by making a collage in Picassa or did you use another program to do that? Weeping may endure for the night but Joy cometh in the morning. Joy is your overly judgmental mother in law who pops in at the strangest times like first thing in the morning. You just can't win.

    1. You make me smile... except MY mother in law was an absolute angel. I use Photoshop to make my headers. I enjoyed wandering through my archives to find a few favs of Fall to share. The second pic is a caterpillar that turned red with the surrounding leaves. I'd been watching him on a potted geranium for a couple of weeks. He started out green and as the leaves turned... so did he!

  3. Lovely photos. Blogger changes seem to happen too frequently just since I've been doing it. This last time though it's been weird for the colors.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. They're trying to make it easy for those who don't want to edit the template to make minor changes like color and font, but in so doing, they've made some kind of mistake that they refuse to address, I did find one tutorial from blogger, two steps to correct the problem but she mentioned that in many cases that wouldn't work either.

  4. Hi Carolyn, I love the new header! Changing the colors of the font is easy except it is more time consuming because you change the colors by category, ie, the post header is a category, sidebar headers another category, sidebar text another category and so on. All you do is this:
    1. Go to "Design"
    2 Go to "Template" where it will bring up a page that says "Live on Blog" and under that image it will say "customize" or "HTML", click on "customize:
    3. Now you are in "Blogger Template Designer"
    4. Along the left side at the top will be a bunch of options - click on the last option "Advanced"
    5. What pops up next is another column of options alongside the options where you clicked on "advanced"
    6. On the lower part of the page you will be able to see your blog as it is now, and it will show you what changes and how it will look on your blog as you click on the different options, ie., text color, background color and so on. Remember one thing, until you click on the upper right hand button that says "Apply to Blog" you are not committed to any changes you make. Just take your time, clicking on things to see what they effect on your blog and whether you like it or not.
    7. Once you become used to the new designer I think you will like it because it does allow you a lot more options than the old Blogger. There is even a pretty big list of choices to change your font style (and size), and you can change font styles so you have different styles for different areas on your blog. Personally, I stick mostly with the same font for my entire blog.... I just think it looks neater and cleaner that way but I have in the past done it the other way with several different fonts on my blog. One thing you know is that I am always playing with and changing my blog's appearance around. :D

    I hope this helps and don't hesitate to email me with any questions. I can help you fix most mistakes, although some things still stump me but that is mostly involving the actual HTML coding.

    Hugs and have fun my sweet blogging sister!
    Beth P

    1. Beth you are so sweet to post all this... I am actually very familiar with all this. The problem is the Template Designer doesn't work on my blog and from the research I've done... there are countless others for whom it doesn't work either. I actually changed my template last Spring to see if that was the problem... still didn't work, so I edited the HTML within the template to get the look a wanted. That was then... now nothing I know makes a difference. I don't know if you've ever looked under the hood but it is a whole new mess of goobly gook down there. I've been editing html ever since I began blogging. Yesterday I followed several tutorials that promised a fix with the Template Designer, although in many cases reading the comments proved otherwise. Removing all customizations didn't work, reverting the widgets didn't work, adding CSS codes, even editing the hex codes within the template had no effect this time. I'm going in with fresh eyes this morning... I must have missed something... here's hoping I don't lose the whole blog. Thank you dear friend for wanting to help.

  5. Fresh eyes in the morning.... I did it.

  6. I love your new header! The background looks grey to me. Is it supposed to look grey?

    1. Interesting. It is actually a rich Taupe color... hex code 928a89. What browser are you using? I use Firefox to create my posts and Chrome for browsing. Once in a blue moon I check out IE to see how my blog looks there. IE always shows something a little different. I noticed IE has a beveled edge on the right side of the post box and a burgundy line all around it after I made my changes, but all three browsers are showing my taupe color.

    2. also on Chrome, I'm seeing grey, a warm grey, slightly mushroom pink in the centre column.
      And your autumn leaves glow out clear and strong (against grey skies?)

  7. I thnink it looks great! AND I salute you for the changes you accomplished! I m fairly new to blogging and just plain rotten on the computer. So...EVERYthing I do takes at least twice as long as most people! But I keep at it! Love your autumn pictures! I am in Eagle Idaho, and fall seemingly appeared overnight! So Beautiful! Are we REALLY heading for November??!!

    1. I can't say November out loud yet... I still can't believe it's October.

  8. Such pretty fall leaves in your neck of the woods. Pretty enough to make you want to change your whole blog! Wait...

  9. Your new Fall colours look good Carolyn. I gave up on Blogger awhile ago and moved it all to my own site (which I had always had but never used that much). I now sign comments with a Wordpress account which leads to my own site as many folks on Blogger don't use the Name/url option on comments. We are having lovely Fall weather, cool mornings and evenings, and lovely sunny warm afternoons. I'm enjoying it while I can as I know that it will change one of these days.

    1. For the most part, Blogger has been good to me... I plan to stay. I also have a wordpress account that I comment with on wordpress blogs. All is good.

    2. that is my solution as well, Carolyn

  10. I love the new look's very fallish, and fresh. Now you have me worried, I need to update for the season too, but have been avoiding it.


    1. The fix was easy once I figured it out. Let me know if you need to be pointed in the right direction.

  11. Your blogger has real autumn look, Carolyn, I love it! The new header is nice, good composition of photos, sizes, colors and fall themes.
    Have a nice week!

  12. I love your new look! I hate when someone decides to make improvements that only make things harder!

  13. I meant to tell you the other day when I commented that I love the look....and the colorful foliage looks wonderful. I have not updated mine in 3 years for the reasons you say...time, patience and knowledge....but soon I will embark on this adventure.


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