Monday, October 28, 2013

An Old Witch Lives Here

ENTER if you must... 

but only if you dare.



I've heard them say

"an old witch lives there".


She's only a witch this time of year

the rest of the days 

she's "This Grandmother" dear.


When the moon shines bright,

and the wind holds a chill...

a walk through her gardens

will bring such a thrill!

Tread lightly as you walk
so as not to disturb,
There are ghosts you can't see
though their cries may be heard.


Kiss this rose for safe passage

then click your heels twice...

Don't mind the little spider

He can be rather nice.

Pumpkin eyes 

and witches brew

Magic in this garden  

lends a mystical hue.

Don't touch the flowers!

That have a blue glow...

They'll cause a nasty itch,

they're poisonous you know.


This clematis seed head 

will cast a magic spell...

if you turn into a pumpkin

I'll never tell.

Grasshoppers now simmering
in the old witches stew
made these bewitching holes...
bid these blossoms adieu.


Be careful where you step 

you silly old fool

or you may find yourself 

in that black pot too!

This poison petal...

will make your feet dance

and perhaps fill your heart

with totally wicked romance. ♥

Delirious dahlias

lost their silly minds

after bloomin' like crazy

they're a ghastly design.

The shadows of a thousand years
rise up again unseen,
Voices whisper in my trees,
“It will soon be Halloween!” 


it seems to bring out the witch in me.

All content created by Carolyn Bush | Copyright © 2010 - 2013
All Rights Reserved | This Grandmother's Garden
Highland, Utah, USA


  1. How totally awesome! I love that first photo with the witch suspended by the door... how cool is that? I just love Halloween... I guess it brings out fond childhood memories of trick or treating :D Now I'll have to see about conjuring up a witchly brew! :D
    Hope you are well my sweet friend and thanks for the little Halloween treat:D

    1. Oh and I LOVE Halloween, too... but I guess that's not a big secret. Some of my fondest memories include becoming a witch... but just for a day.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit. You have the Halloween spirit well in hand with your front door a haunting delight for the little ones. I had to go back to the spider on the rose, when I scrolled down, I thought I saw it move - just a trick of my imagination I guess. :-)

    1. Surely this is a magical post and that little spider probably was moving! :)

  3. Oh how I loved this!! The pictures are amazing! Do you really let kids have a halloween tromp through your garden? All lit up and with signs and such??What a wonderful idea!!
    Thhis read was purely delightful!!
    Thank you!!

    1. No, I don't. But wouldn't that be fun? So glad I made you smile,Gail.

  4. You put a lot of work into both the photography, and the decorating, both look wonderful.


    1. So glad you enjoyed my little "make believe". It's always fun to put up a Halloween post.

  5. A bewitching post! I thought that you were a sweet grandma but who knew you had this witchy side? So much fun!

    1. Only for Halloween dear friend... although my children might tell you otherwise.

  6. Sorry, safe passage or not, I'm not kissing any rose with a spider sitting on it! Happy Halloween to you and I hope I don't get turned into a witch, too!

    1. Oh, but being a witch is such fun! You really should give it a go.

  7. Cute post. Like what you've done with your decorating. Some people's decorations are really great the way they go all out and a lot of fun.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. What a fun post! I was just thinking the other day how interesting the dried-up, dormant and dead flower heads look. Perfect for a Halloween post!

  9. Fun! Hope your Halloween is spooktacular. :o)

  10. Is that you in the last photo? You make a very convincing witch! And with your poem, I could believe that you would know exactly which plants to put into a witch's brew! I hope you have a great Halloween, and that your visitors don't get spooked! :)

    1. In my younger years... I am now a retired Witch. :)

  11. Now I'm too frightened to come back to see your flowers! LOL

    1. Don't worry... it all disappears after the hallowed eve.

  12. Stunning! Carolyn, your photos of dry flowers go well to your poem. I was startling looking at such pretty witch, happy Halloween!

  13. Love flowers finally all died courtesy of the freeze we just had.

    1. We've had so many frosty mornings yet still there are a few blooms still dancing. Just a matter of time before they are nipped, too.

  14. You are such a fun person, Carolyn, and very creative! This grandmother has a pumpkin on her doorstep and that's the extent of her Halloween imagination. Well done! P. x

    1. A pumpkin on your doorstep is good, Pam. As fun as it is... I suppose someday I will scale back. My posts will keep the memories alive. Thanks for coming!

  15. Ahh... so nice to see you here, my dear.


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