Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Highest Award a Garden Can Ever Achieve...

                                is bestowed by Nature.

                               It's an award you'll forever treasure.

And how do you know if your gardens have been selected 
for this Honorary Award?

It's simple...
Nature's little creatures 
choose to make your gardens 
their home.

Male California Quail

And for the second year in a row, 
Mister and Madame Quail have given 

This Grandmother's Garden 

that very distinction.

 What a pleasure it is to receive it.

For weeks we've watched these two walking about our gardens
hoping they would choose to stay...
and they did!

Female California Quail

Mister Quail is quite smitten.
He never lets her out of his sight.

He oftens find a perch to sit on 
where he watches intently.
He is the sentry in charge of her safety.

Madame Quail goes about her business 
of pecking the ground 
for morsels of seed and bugs and buds.

Occasionally she can be seen 
carving out a bowl shape in the dirt 
and plopping into it 
as though it were a bathtub filled with aromatic herbs. 

We have lots of those bowl shapes in our gardens.

Silly Madame Quail.
Devoted Mister Quail.

 Sometimes he chases her 
and she runs away.

But then she lets him catch her.
Isn't that just like nature?

 Anyone want a piggy back ride?

 We have fun... 
watching them have fun.

 Don't move. 
He's looking right at you. 

If he senses danger he'll signal her to run.
Those little legs can move really fast.  
And if you startle them... 
they'll flush and fly to safety.

Mister Quail on Sentry Duty

I'm careful not to let that happen.
I want them to feel safe in their new home.

Next post we'll welcome the Little Ones...

Can you guess how many babies we have?

♥ I should note that Quail are not the only little creatures that call our gardens home.  
They just happen to be the ones we're squealing with delight over today. ♥

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  1. Well, I am honored then, because I have many little guests in my garden!

  2. lovely little birds, and beautifully dressed!

  3. They would be fun to watch. Great photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. They would be fun to watch. Great photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. How exciting! They sure are beautiful birds!

  6. Fantastic photos my friend! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have all that nature around you?!
    Beth P

  7. Oh, that is so true about the highest honor. That makes me smile. The quails are beautiful birds, and you must be so happy and proud to have them as guests!

  8. How very special...I love these beautiful creatures and wish we had them...but the many birds calling our garden home is quite an honor for us.

  9. I do feel honored when I see the many birds that nest here. Even the bunnies and foxes bring smiles to my face. Your quail are adorable. Congratulations on creating an environment that both humans and wildlife enjoy.

  10. such pretty little birds - isn't it exciting when they decide to make the garden their home. Can't wait to see their offspring :)


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