Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning Photo Shoot with the Baby Quail

 If you want to capture pictures of the Little Ones...

Daddy Quail on the Lookout

you've got to be quite sneaky...
 Daddy Quail is always on the lookout for intruders in his garden.

Checking it Twice

  And if he senses any danger
his "pip, pip, pip" signals the Little Ones 
to run for cover.

Mamma and Little Ones with Daddy on Guard

I can be sneaky.
 (Now that would be quite the image to capture!)

A Game of Hide and Seek

 I see you!

Mamma is Always Near

 I'm amazed at how well 
they care for their little brood.

Sixteen Baby Quail in 2013!

Did I say little brood?
(One little guy is under the Lobelia.)

How do they ever care for so many babies?


Did you know Baby Quail can run about 
and peck for food
immediately after hatching?
Bugs and seeds are tasty morsels.

Daddy in the Rear

 Occasionally there is a straggler, 
so Daddy brings up the rear 
doing his best to keep them all together.

Tender Moments of Teaching

Oh what we have observed 
from these sweet little birds...

But that's another day's post.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I enjoy your blog very much! This post is so very sweet. The quail family is adorable!

  2. Thanks so much for that Carolyn. You must be so patient (and quiet) to be able to take such lovely pictures.

    1. I've been practicing patience for many years. On can never have too much.

  3. Your sneakiness paid off! Those little ones are adorable! And that is a huge brood.

    1. The Quail have become a highlight of Summer for us. True to last year, once the Little Ones can flap their little wings, they are off for grand adventures and we see very little of them, much to our dismay.

  4. Carolyn, stunning photos! You had a lot of patience taking them, I know it's difficult to take pictures of birds.I love nice little quails!

    1. Thank you Nadezda. I enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning. Yummy garden treats!

  5. What great photos. I can't believe they could have that many babies. That is a lot for one small bird to carry around.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I'm with you, Cher. That's a lot of babies to keep up with!

  6. So great photos! Baby Quails are so sweet. So mnny: sixteen!! wow.
    Do their live in your surroundings? Live these in your surroundings?

    Summer greetings from Meggie

    1. This is the second year that Quail have called our gardens home. We are, of course, delighted.

  7. What delightful garden visitors! If only all the wildlife touring our gardens could be that cute and benign. Thanks for your persistence in getting the photos of the happy family.

  8. They are the cutest little things...and you have so many of them hatched.

    Our quail are very poor parents, we've more then once seen them leaving behind the flock and wander off. Sadly there is only one now adult baby left.


    1. Oh so sad. Your quail are very different from ours.

  9. I wish we had adorable!! What a special treat.

  10. Oh so very sweet, Carolyn! I think I remember you posting about the quails last year, too?! Great captures!

    1. Yes I did. You can read those posts under the label of "Quail".

  11. I guess with so many of them, they have to be able to look after themselves from day one. Well done, getting past the Dad.

    1. You would surely have giggled if you had seen me.

  12. Oh, wow! That is an amazing quail family. I wonder if they can count and would know when one is missing! You are a gifted sneak, to be able to get such good photos of them.

    1. Absolutely they do. We actually witnessed it. A post may follow of the story. Of all the things to be gifted at... a sneak is mighty fine. :)

  13. Carolyn girl !
    These are such sweet little characters it is amazing you captured all of the pictures that you did!
    So many little ones to keep guard over and keep track of .. I wish we had them here to see as well. My rabbits might not like the competition for the CUTE factor ? LOL
    The scenery is simply stunning where you live .. you are very lucky indeed !
    Joy : )

  14. Comme il y en a de ces petits. Magnifique!


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