Monday, April 1, 2013

My Buds are Bursting!

Just a few days of warm sunshine is all it took 
to give our Spring a jump start, and now...

  My Buds are Bursting!

Burkwood Viburnum
When these babies open, their sweet fragrance will literally shout


all throughout my gardens. 
  And their aroma will be deliciously intoxicating.

Eastern Redbud

These tiny little pinkish-purple buds will pop any day...
a sure sign that Winter's attempt to linger is finally waning.
Redbuds tickle my fancy with their sweet little blooms... 
I grow them in several varieties:
Forest Pansy, Oklahoma and Eastern. 

Sensation Lilac
Who doesn't dream of sweet lilacs in Winter?
If the sun keeps shining... 
these buds will be blooming soon.
The aroma will be heavenly... I can hardly wait!


Dainty little flowers make a beautiful garden carpet
when these tiny buds open.
The periwinkle blue is a favorite color in my gardens.

Don Juan Rose
This bursting bud is just the beginning 
of one of the most gorgeous blooms of June.
It may be a a couple of months away...
but the wait will be so worth it!

Burning Bush
 These graceful branches are often overlooked 
as a source of beauty in the garden.
Yet they serve stalwartly here in my landscape 
defining the edge of a pathway. 
Soft pink leaf buds will soon open to Summer green leaves...
then, quite suddenly, burst into flames in Fall.

Enchanting Mystery Tree
And then there are these sweet little guys...
They're finally beginning to pop on the south side of the tree...
do you think it's warmer there?

They are the most enchanting little blooms in my gardens. 
Well, actually... 
they're not...
in my gardens, that it is.

Magical Wand of Mystery
They live in the neighborhood green space 
behind my garden path.

There are two of these trees.
Each about 20' tall with gray-white bark.
Don't ask me about the leaves that appear 
after the blooms have disappeared. 
 I never even notice them!

It's only in Spring that this tree captures my heart.
And every Spring I tell myself 
I've got to find out the name of this tree.  

So I search and I search... but I never find. 

Do you know the name of this tree?
 Somewhat like Witch Hazel... 
but not.


All of today's images were captured in my gardens...
this morning!
Sweet to see my sleepy gardens finally beginning to awake... 
such a long slumber.



  1. Those are really lovely photos. It's so nice to see things starting out for you.

  2. Spring is definitely bursting out in your garden! It's nice to see some swelling buds, another couple of weeks for us.

  3. Jen@ Muddy Boot DreamsApril 2, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    I am so sure that I caught a whiff of Daphne scent, on the air yestreday, it's unmistakenable, but I have no idea who has one around here. What wonders your garden is showing beautiful.


  4. Barbara Lilian in FranceApril 2, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    Nice to see your spring arriving with lovely pictures of your budding shrubs. some of the shrubs we have here in France. Is the Easter Redbud one to your native area ?

  5. It warms the heart to see the beautiful buds of spring, doesn't it?

  6. Great close up shots! My beds are swelling, not quite bursting just yet.

  7. Must keep an eye on this post to see if anyone names that tree - it's gorgeous. Will add it to my wishlist if I find out what it is!

  8. Don't you just love seeing those first signs of new growth. Makes me all anxious and excited. LOL! Beautiful pictures.

  9. I think your enchanting mystery trees are red maples (acer rubrum). They sure have pretty blossoms. I sure enjoy seeing the changes in your beautiful gardens.

  10. Donna@Gardens Eye ViewApril 4, 2013 at 6:11 PM

    Beautiful...we had a foot of snow this week and so the garden was again delayed...we shall see what spring we get.

  11. Thanks, Cher...I enjoyed my walk gathering them!

  12. Slowly but surely she comes...

  13. To look through the window, it seems so gray and barren in my gardens. The beauty of Spring so early is only discovered up close.

  14. Eastern Redbud is not native here but seems to do well with enough water. Actually the Oklahoma Redbud does much better in my gardens as it's leaves are glossy and retains moisture. I discovered the Oklahoma Redbud after I planted the Eastern Redbuds... it thrives in my garden while the Easterns require a bit more pampering. Wish I had more.

  15. Yes, it does... I absolutely love to see my gardens awake. They really have been asleep for such a long time.

  16. First comes the swell... then comes the burst. We're actually on hold here as it's cold and dreary again. It takes sunshine to entice those babies to bloom.

  17. I googled acer rubrum and you are right, Ferrill! Thank you, thank you! You've solved the mystery. So happy to know this. Perhaps if I had paid closer attention to the leaves I could have discovered this on my own. But honestly, I've never even noticed the leaves up close.

  18. Red Maple... (acer rubrum) thanks to Ferrill and it IS gorgeous!

  19. Spring has a way of doing that to us. :)

  20. It's always my fear that when Spring arrives so late, the season will be cut short and we'll go straight to Summer heat. Hope that doesn't happen. There's new snow in our mountains this morning. Stay warm Donna.

  21. This weekend seems to have been the turning point for us here in Wisconsin. The snow is almost melted, and flowers are blooming all over the place--Snowdrops, Crocuses, Daffodils, Maple flowers, Hellebores, Hyacinths...when spring is delayed, it seems to happen all at once. I'm a huge fan of Redbud and Periwinkle, too. The native Eastern Redbud is vibrant beyond words, and the Periwinkle is the most exquisite shade of blue. Your garden and neighborhood Red Maples are beautiful!

  22. Lovely photos! My favorite site in spring is the bright red growth on a rose

  23. Ohh....Unfortunately in Sweden we seem to have come into a new ice period with too much cold, sunshine and no rain at the the same time ( seven weeks in a row), not a good combination for our garden plants.

  24. Carolyn girl !! hello there : )
    I have meant to drop by earlier .. these buds are beautiful .. my garden is in a state of "HELP" and I have to get to it this week .. I have just been so busy painting and dabbling in my office .. the paint colour is like a pale linen, called "Swiss Coffee" with white trim .. it is light yet warm (good for winter time !)
    The new area rug is due on the 11th so I hope it blends in ..
    I have a corkscrew hazel in deep purple that I planted last year .. it is so striking in that colour I am in love with it of course ? haha .. these are such pretty buds .. you are ahead of us .. but we will eventually catch up !
    Joy : )


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