Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Walk in the Gardens

"I love Spring anywhere, 
but if I could choose... 
I would always greet it in a garden."
- Ruth Stout 

My early morning walk in my gardens revealed some beautiful blooms, 
the first of our Spring.

Sensation Lilac

New in my gardens and planted last Spring, this lilac has captured my heart.
White trimmed dainty blossoms with a true lilac aroma...
full growth will be 10 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide.


Blossoming Flame Maple Tree

These trees delight me in every season 
and the bees are crazy about them!


Red Twig Dogwood

Another every season favorite.
In Winter, bright red branches accent our landscape, 
a stark contrast against our Winter snow.



Blooms only in the Spring, one of the few yellows I have in my gardens.



I love the way these blossoms sway in the breeze.



 Sweet little blooms peek out from shiny green foliage.


Sea Thrift

Removing the faded flowers will keep this plant blooming all the way to Fall.


Seascape Strawberries

Everbearing, these plants produce a high yield of sweet tasty berries 
that are my grandkid's delight.


Oklahoma Redbud

These tiny wine colored flowers will soon give way to glossy heart shaped leaves that are heat resistant 
and allow this redbud to thrive in Utah's hot summers.

♦   ♦   ♦

Within just a week or two with the help of a little more sunshine
more blooms will take their turn to dance in the sun!

Can you guess what these buds will become? 

Have you taken time to walk in your gardens lately?

Remember... gardens are our link with The Divine.
Surely your troubles will melt away 
as you walk through blossoms 
and God's beautiful creations.

Please join me by publishing your own post 
on what you discover during your walk.
Remember to include a link to 
This Grandmother's Garden
in your post
then link your blog name to the linky list below.

The first of each month we'll do this again!

I look forward to seeing what you've discovered!


  1. And I thought we were behind... actually we are, but a week of sunshine has made all the difference! Looking forward to your post.

  2. Some lovely blooms, Carolyn! And it looks like you will soon have Peonies, Salvia, Rudbeckia (not sure of this one), and Irises to add to the collection!

  3. I loved your lilac, this color  is my favorite.

  4. Ah, you just cheer me up Carolyn, I think the first one is a Peony.

  5. Karin/Southern MeadowsJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    Wow! What a lovely walk. I understand why you are taken with the lilac. I bet it sells heavenly too! And,  that redbud is divine!

  6. Thank you, Rebecca. I love that yellow bird, we only see them occasionally in the Spring as they pass through.

  7. Great guess Alistair. I love how the buds are so tight in a ball and then petal by petal they loosen up to bloom.

  8. Wonderful flowers in bloom and in the wings! That lilac is wonderful with the white picotee around each petal. I haven't seen one like that. Also love your image with the yellow bird at the top of your site - he harmonizes so well with the yellow foliage!

  9. gosh you have some beautiful flowers - thanks for sharing them - I enjoyed that little  walk with you!  I love the words you shared - there is nothing like a walk in the garden to melt your troubles. 

  10. So true... I need to walk more often. :)

  11. Thanks, Karin. We had to replace a tree that died and chose that lilac. I wish it would bloom all Summer.

  12. Donna@Gardens Eye ViewJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:52 PM

    I'll be linking in Monday...your garden is so much further ahead than mine...but I hope to catch up soon...love these gorgeous blooms...

  13. Great guess, Beth. Except that Rudbeckia isn't.  :)  It's actually a Pincushion flower or Scabiosa columbaria. 

  14. May is a month blessed with beauty, isn't it? And I know what all of your upcoming attractions are, but I'm not tellin'!

  15. Robin I always love your comments. Please give me a link to your blog (do you have one?) so I can visit you!

  16. Stunning! Thanks for sharing these blooms. I just can't help smiling looking at them. Thanks!

  17. Really lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. I also like the font you use for the plant names - could I be so cheeky as to ask which font it is!?

  18. Really lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. I also like the font you use for the plant names - could I be so cheeky as to ask which font it is!?

  19. Vos photos et fleurs sont magnifiques!


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