Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sugar Frosted December "Walk in the Gardens" Challenge

A Sugar Frosted Morning in my gardens!

Rose leaves frosted to perfection!

Dainty little sugar cubes dancin' in the daisy foliage.

When the edge of your leaves and flower petals
appear as though they've been dipped in SUGAR
they have been touched by Rime Frost.

Rime Frost is ice formed when damp, icy winds 
blow through your gardens.
It only occurs when the temperatures are very low...

and it makes everything within it's touch...

But you'll only discover these beauties...

if you go out in the gardens and walk...

but be sure to grab a coat and gloves

cuz baby it's cold out there!

And as soon as the sunlight touches the frost...

 the magic will begin to fade.

Better look quick!

It's all melting fast! 

Letting Mother Nature do her thing in my gardens... 
and this morning was beautiful!

Join me for another  WALK in the GARDENS Challenge.
Maybe you're already walking each day,
or maybe you, too, need a little coaxing to get going.
It doesn't matter how far or how long you walk, just that you do it.

If you'd like to join me
publish your own post on what you discover during your walk
then link your blog name to the linky list below.
The first of each month I'll post and invite you to join in again. 


  1. What a beautiful blog! I am celebrating my 4th blogoversary - with a Giveaway! I hope you'll help me celebrate.

  2. Beautiful photos and interesting info on rime frost

  3. Thanks, Jane... and I can't wait to see them.

  4. Who knew frost was so beautiful up close? Our house was sugar frosted this morning too, the kids were so excited. They think that means it will snow soon. Next time we'll have to go outside and look more closely, we missed the best part! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  5. You caught some lovely frosted photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Donna@Gardens Eye ViewJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    I wish the linky was still is my link anyway...sorry it took so long...

  7. I admire anyone who is willing to go out in such cold weather with tripod and camera to take such beautiful shots! I get as far as thinking about it....

  8. Wow, gorgeous pictures!  That's one beautiful frost!

  9. Couldn't leave a comment coming through blotanical.  I love these photos!  They are gorgeous - sugar coated is right!  So glad you got out in that cold early enough to catch this phenomenon.  

  10. Absolutely beautiful, Carolyn! You are very brave to take so many amazing shots in the freezing weather. What is your secret? I hope you didn't get frostbite! These photos are perfect for the season, too. Very impressive!

  11. Janet at Planticru NotesJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    That should read "series of photos" and the iPad not getting on again.....

  12. Janet at Planticru Notes.January 9, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    I've just been out with the camera taking photos of our first frost. You have to be quick though as it's all so ephemeral and transient. What a lovely series go photos, Carolyn.

  13. A wonderful photographic series of your frost!


  14. Beauty in every season! Marvelous photos!

  15. Donna@Gardens Eye ViewJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    I will have to wait until the 12th...hope you still have the link up...I already have my post for Monday, but we just had another frost with a dusting of snow...will post about it then...lovely pics....

  16. Carolyn, I linked in, but I'm a little late.  I hope it's ok?     Taking a walk through your gorgeous gardens and having sugar-frosted foliage to admire is such a treat... a calorie-free way to indulge myself! 

  17. Carolyn, these photos are beautiful. Ironically, I was out in my garden early this morning, before going to work, photographing many of the same flowers in the frost. You got a much better dusting than we did. It must have been a bit nippier.

  18. What stunning photos, each season brings its own beauty to the garden. In the SW of England we are still waiting for our first frost, very late this year, but hopefully soon , I will be able to take some winter photos.

  19. So beautiful Carolyn! I keep meaning to do this, but haven't yet. I don't care much for the chilly weather, but the frost on the garden can be so beautiful if I just go out and look!

  20. Donna I look forward to seeing those pics!

  21. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures, Donna!

  22. The link expires after a week. But please join us next month. We'll report on our walk in the gardens each month on the first.  I'm hoping this will inspire me to get out and walk.

  23. Never too late, Karen. Thanks so much for joining! Mark your calendar for the first of each month and we'll walk in our gardens again!

  24. ha ha, I knew what you meant.  Thanks for visiting!

  25. My secret? Move fast!  It didn't take me long... I was a woman on a mission... clicking as fast as I could.  :)

  26. Hmm... wonder what the glitch is now at blotanical. Thanks for the extra effort to comment.

  27. L.O.V.E.  that you visited sweet daughter! 

  28. I thought it interesting, too!  Something I didn't know before I googled it.

  29. Wow, spectacular pictures! Amazing how plants in your country can withstand such weather conditions. I only get to see them in my country as Christmas decors because we only have wet and dry season. 

  30. Although, not a big fan of the cold, I now can't wait for a decent frost to get some gorgeous snaps like these xx


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