Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daily Blessings... November 8th

Memories of a few of the simple pleasures of life
fill my thoughts this morning...

My Son's Favorite Fishing Hole

How thankful I am for them!

My son and his sweet family are visiting this week.
They've blessed me with two beautiful little grand-daughters 
who are filling our home with love and laughter, 
and squeals of delight.

I stumbled upon this picture and sent it to him via email as he sat on the sofa in our great room.
He was doing his nightly surfing of the web 
and I knew he would discover it shortly after I sent it.

I was sitting right there beside him as he opened the image, 
not knowing what his silly mother had sent him. 
Immediately a smile came across his face 
and I could see in his eyes sweet memories flooding his thoughts.

My simple pleasure was listening to him share his tales 
of that perfect fishing hole.

His was reliving that day and all the big fish he caught.

Both were priceless!


  1. What a sweet mom you are, Carolyn! My son and husband love to fish too. They find their joy and peace while soaking in the beauty of their favorite spot.

  2. How fun...sounds like you both got a lot out of the photo you sent him. That is sweet.

  3. Love that fishing hole.....your love for your family shines so bright and their love for you is returned 10-fold...truly a blessing...I hope to finally see my family the week of Thanksgiving in AZ. I missed them last year due to illness and have not seen some for a few years...

  4. Takie to jesteśmy Mamy, zrobimy wszystko, żeby zrobić naszym Dzieciom przyjemność. Sobie też, bo nam się coś miłego przypomniało. Pozdrawiam

  5. Oh, enjoy the week with Carolyn! this time is precious :)

  6. What a warm memory. :o) My son is leaving soon for the Army and I wonder what he'll miss and remember most. I don't blame your son for loving that spot. It's so beautiful!

  7. What a wonderful memory you made, for both of you. A memory within a memory. Sweet.

  8. What a precious memory for you guys! That really is a beautiful place.


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