Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Blessings... November 6th

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning,
day I rest from every care.

Glorious Morning View from My Gardens
A day of spiritual renewal and worship, 
of laying aside earthly desires.

A day of physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.
Today I am grateful for the blessings of a Sabbath Day,
for the opportunity it gives me 
to renew, to refresh, 
and to grow closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

♥ ♥ ♥

As I honor Him this day and always,
I see the clear path to follow... 

and all of my world becomes brighter.
Doesn't everyone need a Sabbath Day?


  1. Hi Carolyn
    This is a wonderful blessing - I need to remember to slow down on Sundays and ... just appreciate!

  2. So very true, a day of spiritual rest is truly a blessing and vise versa.

  3. Amen! Your view is simply breathtaking, Carolyn. A canvas of the greatest artist of all.

  4. I have no words for the beauty of that scene. To paraphrase Meister Eckhart: There is only one prayer -"Thank you." The Sabbath day of rest is becoming increasingly important to me the busier I get. Often I take a day of rest from the computer and the Internet to spend more time in nature and contemplation (well, I try :)

  5. Lovely comment Sheila. I do love  the change of pace that Sunday brings to my life, to turn my heart to the source of all my blessings... in gratitude.


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