Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Blessings... November 14th

Tis the last rose of Summer... 
 ~Thomas Moore

The Little Rose that Could

Truth be told, 
it is the last rose of Autumn
the last rose of 2011
and the very last blooming flower within my gardens 
until next Spring 
when the sun again will warm the earth below.

Tucked up close to a window reflecting the sun,
I couldn't help but smile 
as I contemplated it's desire to bloom...
no matter what.

Neither swirling snowflakes nor morning temps in the 20's
could dissuade this little rose 
from fulfilling the measure of it's creation ...

Hmm... there must be something 
I should learn from this rose.

Grateful today for life lessons learned in my gardens.


  1. Donna@Gardens Eye ViewJanuary 9, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    That is a fab rose...I love the interesting those microclimates...I found a couple of rose buds in some areas in the garden..with the warm temps I may see another rose or 2 on those climbers...

  2. That is EXACTLY the color rose I want for my husband!  (His favorite flower is an orange rose.)  What kind of rose is it?  It is beautiful!  And I am very impressed that it is still going in the snowy weather!

  3. I am also thankful for those lessons learned. Where would we be without them?

  4.  Indie, it's actually a no name rose tree I bought from Costco several years ago.  It thrills me every year. Last year one of the blooms was shaped like a heart. 

  5. The petal formation of that rose is so pretty.  It has such intricate detail.  The determination found in some plants is just amazing.  It's been a clear lesson this year to see the sheer will of these plants to survive during this horrid drought and yours during such cold.  Amazing lessons, indeed!

  6. That is a lovely bloom. Love the formation of petals.

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