Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At My Mother's Knee

A Rose For My Dear Mother...
April 1928 ~ July 2011

                  Mother loved her flower gardens... 

4 o’clock’s and petunias, 
lilies of the valley and iris, 
bridal veil and lilac bushes, 
snapdragons and delphiniums 
and of course, her beloved roses. 

I don’t think there is a flower on this earth that wasn’t my Mother’s favorite. 
The vegetable garden was Dad’s, but the flowers, oh, the flowers… they were my Mother’s.

♥   ♥   ♥

My earliest memories of Mother are in the garden. I remember as a  small child waking up sleepy eyed and wandering the house looking for her.  I walked from room to room... not finding her... and then, just before my anxiety could erupt into tears, I looked through the window to see her in the flower gardens. Tapping on the window, she looked up to see me and with a beautiful smile, came to open the door and lead me out to the flower gardens. How glorious it was in the gardens, and how I loved being with my Mother. I'm sure it wasn't long before I was purposefully waking up early... just to join her and to be amidst those beautiful flowers. I truly learned to garden at my mother's knee.

Sunrise In My Gardens
At some point in my Mother's lifetime she must have discovered 
the magic of morning in the garden... 
surely the most beautiful time of the day 
when all the world is hushed 
except for the song of the birds and the buzzing of the bees.  

In our family, we call it the magic hour. 
Indescribable as to why – you just have to experience it for yourself.

Sun about to Crest over My Mountain
 My heart is now heavy at her passing and yet I know she lives, 
with all my soul I know she lives.

Our physical death isn’t the end, Our physical death isn't the end,
but rather is a step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan 
and a time of indescribable joy for the person making the transition.
What comfort this knowledge brings to me. 

Our life on earth is only a portion of God's eternal plan for his children.
Of this I know.

As my thoughts now wander from room to room within my memories
I do not find my sweet mother...
but I know that she is not far away.
I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life 
and the sweet peace it brings to me. 

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  1. A wonderful tribute to your mom. Funny, I did a similar theme for my mom with roses as the theme:
    I guess flower lovers often turn out more flower lovers
    Your photos match so well.

  2. Carolyn I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing...she was truly an incredible woman to find the garden in morning and share it with her daughter...my thoughts and prayers and with you and your family...she lives through you and your beautiful gardens...

  3. Dear Carolyn - I'm so sorry to hear about your and confess to tears in my eyes as I read your lovely tribute to your Mom. My thoughts are with you xxx

  4. As I've heard you talk about Grandma's garden I remember all those times Becca and I slept over at grandmas house and seeing the flowers out the window of the back bedroom. Great memories of Grandma's house. Love you mom :)

  5. Oh Carolyn I am so sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful mother and gardener. Beautiful words and pic your first rose pic is just so stunningly perfect. Much love to you and your family at this time...Cheers Julia xx

  6. Carolyn, praise and thanks for the sweet gift of a Savior. I'm sorry to hear of your Mother's passing but rejoice in the knowledge that you know you'll see her again. Peace to you.

  7. Carolyn, I am so sorry to hear of your dear mother's passing. Your tribute to her is so touching, I have tears brimming.

    My sincere condolences, Carolyn.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. She passed on a wonderful legacy of the love of gardening to you. i hope your memories get sweeter in time, and that your heart's heavy weight is soon lightened.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Her love of gardening has infused you with a life that lives on...in the garden. Your words have left a lovely tribute...take care.

  10. carolyn, my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.you're mother must have been very proud of you. may your heart find peace and strength during this difficult time through those wonderful memories of your mom. you don't have to look for her for you will always find her in your garden.

  11. Some of the sweetest memories lie in our Mothers' Gardens.

    I know you miss her.

  12. I am so sorry about the passing of your mother. xx! This is a lovely tribute and wonderful memories you share.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to your mother - and a life well lived. Peace radiates from your post, despite the newness of your loss. Your faith is inspiring. My husband nearly died after a heart attack last year, and during the time his heart stopped, he had a vision/spiritual insight that is exactly like you describe. "Our physical death isn’t the end,
    but rather is a step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan
    and a time of indescribable joy for the person making the transition.

    What comfort this knowledge brings to me.

    Our life does not begin at birth and it doesn't end at death. Our life on earth is only a portion of God's eternal plan for his children.
    Of this I know."

    Thank you and may God bless you with love and peace.

  14. Carlyn, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your mom with all of us. Her love and yours shines through every photograph and every word.

  15. I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have wonderful memories of your mother and the assurance that this life is not all there is! God's promises are powerful, and His lessons of hope and resurrection are before us in the garden. Your post is touching and a fitting tribute to your mother.

  16. What a wonderful tribute to your lovely Mum , she will always be with you , especially in your garden. Mums are so special and yours passed on to you the love of gardening, which is a wonderful gift that you will always have.

  17. Carolyn girl .. I am so sorry for your grief .. it will lighten eventually but it is truly a life long loss that you will feel, I understand that.
    You have been so fortunate to have such wonderful memories of your mother and sharing that magic time in the garden. I understand exactly what you have tried to describe .. it is my magic time too!
    Thank you so much for dropping by my place and sharing your happy thoughts with enjoying Halloween like I do .. I am a BIG kid when it comes to October .. the colour changes of leaves .. the crisper air .. the sunrises may be later but are spectacular .. and of course Halloween ;-)
    Yes .. many of us share connecting threads with what touches our hearts and souls .. it is a wonderful gift to share them : )
    Thank you !

  18. So Sorry for your loss! What a beautiful memorium! I love the story you told about waking and trying to find your mother, as I have a young daughter who does the same thing now! Maybe I am making memories for her as well! Thanks so much for sharing, your mother sounds like a wonderful person!

  19. You were lucky to have a wonderful Mother!

  20. So sorry for your loss. I'm glad you'll remember her through your gardening. My grandma and my father carry the gardening genes in my family. It feels great to have that interest in common with them.

  21. I'm so sorry for your loss, Carolyn.

  22. Such a lovely tribute. She will continue to live in your heart.

  23. Carolynn, I am so very sorry to hear that your Mom has passed away.

    From what you have written in the blog post it sounds like you have the most precious and beautiful memories of her to keep with you forever.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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