Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WHAT will this BECOME???

Uncovered several of these in my soil... 
it wiggles.

What will this become?

I can only guess.

Do YOU know?


  1. Ben guesses a Cicada...let us know :)

  2. I'm terrible at identifying pupae (is that the correct term?). But it will be fun to find out by checking back on your blog. I hear it's a big year for some Cicadas, which ties in with Kat and Ben's guess.

  3. My guess is it's a Pandora moth. Could be something more insidious, like a Prionus borer. I'd take it to you local extension office for an ID.

  4. I've seen similar in my garden too but have no idea what they are - will be following with interest to find out!

  5. It wiggles? Maybe it's a Mexican jumping bean!

  6. Ha! That's what I said, too, Holley!

    I should mention that I find them in the soil, as in BURIED in the soil. That is what has me stumped.

  7. I found some today too, Carolyn! Cicada pupa my first thought ... it's suppose to be a stellar year for them!

  8. Hi Carolyn, I'm a new garden blogger and first time to your lovely glad I found you!
    My guess is a later stage Cabbage looper pupa, after darkening.


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