Friday, June 17, 2011

We BLOOM too!

Some of the favorites of my gardens weren't chosen
for their beautiful blooms. 

But maybe they should have been!

These bushes are part of the bones of my garden,
providing structure and dimension.

 Each was chosen because I fell in love with their striking foliage.
Who knew I'd love their beautiful blooms, too?

Enjoy them now... because they only bloom for a very short time!

Summer Wine Ninebark
Pinkish white button-like blooms
Dark crimson-red foliage  

Aren't they just the sweetest little flowers? 

Compact European Cranberry Bush
Lace-cap bouquets of white in Spring
Followed by tiny red berries that the birds adore!

I chose these bushes for their amazing orange fall color!

And then there are the weigelas...
                      their blooms are a magnet for Hummingbirds!

 Wine and Roses  Weigela
 Intense rosy pink trumpet blooms

I chose this bush for its deliciously dark burgundy foliage.

 French Lace  Weigela 
Stunning deep crimson flowers

Variegated leaves of dark and lime green stole my heart.

Minuet Weigela
Delicate pink fragrant blooms

Perfect size for smaller spaces... only grows 3 feet tall.

Enjoy their turn to SMILE in the SUN! 


  1. I love shrubs that bloom. Planted a brand new itty bitty weigla this year. Yours are beautiful. Love your Cranberry bush, too!

  2. Your flowering shrubs are just so pretty. I love the Wine and Roses Weigela. I had saw it on others blogs and just loved the foliage and flowers. I had to make a new spot this week to plant one of them. LOL! I think I may need to make another new spot after seeing your pretty Nine Bark. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I like weigela and they take a nice photo. Very photogenic little ladies.

  4. Your blooms are all gorgeous. I especially love your weigelas. My miniature in 'My Monet'--very beautiful. Ninebark is great too but mine keeps getting a white growth on it.

  5. I'm appreciating more and more the shrubs (and perennials) with miniature blooms that pollinators seem to like ...


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