Friday, June 10, 2011

Waiting with Wonder...

The Journey of a Bloom will never cease to amaze me...

 What's going on inside of there?

 Can you sense the anticipation?

And how does each perfect little petal emerge 
from this tightly wound ball of a bud?

Waiting is such Sweet Wonder!

Counting the days until these blooms smile in the sun!


  1. I agree. Waiting is magical - then they seem to pop open when we're not looking! It really is miraculous.

  2. Ah, Peonies! They look so small as buds, but are such glorious, lush flowers in full bloom. Enjoy!

  3. I'm amazed by the miracle too! It fascinates me and I take great pleasure in photographing buds in the various stages of development. Enjoy your peonies!

  4. Isn't nature amazing. I never get tired of watching life unfold in our gardens. Thanks for inviting us on your photographic flower journey. We'll be counting the days as well.


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