Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Little LOVE BIRDS in our Gardens ♥

Mr. Lovey Dovey

Mrs. Lovey Dovey

Where you find one, you'll always find the other.

Our resident Love Birds.

(Mourning Doves in disguise.)


  1. Cute! We don't get a lot of 'pretty' birds in the garden but we do get doves and I just love the fact that they nest in our trees.

  2. How pretty they are. I love to watch them and listen at them. Grandma use to call them Rain Doves because they always cooed more before a rain.

  3. How pretty, and I bet they wake you at dawn with their sweet sounds. There is something about birds that make you stop and slow down isn't there?

  4. I have never seen doves looking so fluffed up and content! They must be in love :)

  5. Oh they are beautiful, do they warble?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. That's so cute!

    Whenever I stand by a certain bus stop, there's always a bunch of pigeons gathered around. So while waiting for the bus, I watch the pigeons.

    It's always funny. The male bird practically stalks the female bird. He doesn't get it. The walk away. They walk away faster. And the male bird won't stop following the female pigeon. It's funny.

    I guess you can say they don't give up.


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