Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our SPRING has Sprung!

TULIPS are always the stars of my Spring Gardens...
but today there is much more than tulips blooming in this Grandmother's Garden... finally!  (Spring has come so slowly this year.)  A walk through my garden reveals the following blooms happily doing their thing on this May Garden Bloggers Bloom Day:

 Hyacinthoides Hispanica (Scilla)
These dainty little blossoms are a first in my garden. 
I planted 100 of the tiny bulbs in a container last Fall. 
They are just beginning to bloom.

 Seascape Strawberry
 These blossoms are always a welcome sight... fresh sweet strawberries will be here soon!
These strawberries are everbearing, but the largest crop is always in Spring.

Chocolate Chip Ajuga
This variety of Ajuga has short four inch spikes of blue on foliage that will deepen to dark green with splashes of chocolate brown. In addition to being much smaller than other Ajuga varieties,
Chocolate Chip isn't nearly as invasive.

All the Redbuds are in their splendor!
Eastern, Forest Pansy and Oklahoma are in full bloom.
Incidentally, they are blooming here about four weeks later than last year.

Periwinkle blooms!
Just beginning to peak out from their foliage.
These are planted with Shasta Daisies that won't be blooming for a while yet.

Burkwood Viburnums have finally popped!
And oh my! Their sweet fragrance fills the air with its heavenly smell.

Bleeding Hearts
I actually think they look more like DANCING hearts. Turn up the music please! (jk)

These crimson blossoms grow on a lush carpet of green but they only bloom in Springtime.
Another reason why I love Spring!

Flowering Plum Tree

These trees dot my neighborhood, planted by the city in our open green spaces.
Their flowers are profuse and fragrant in Spring.
As Summer approaches, their green leaves will turn to deep burgundy.

So glad that Spring has finally Sprung here!

Our bones are a bit creaky today and our muscles are a little tired and stiff, 
but we're so thankful for the joys that come from gardening.
We work hard on Saturday so that on Sunday, our Sabbath Day, we can rest and give thanks 
for all the beautiful creations we are blessed to nurture in our gardens.  

ENJOY your Sunday!


  1. Carolyn what gorgeous blooms are showing up now in your spring garden. It is always such a joy when things start blooming again. The Viburnums blooms are so pretty and I love Redbud tree blooms. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Those blooms are wonderful. I have to remember to grow bleeding hearts!!

  3. Beautiful blooms. Now we know why Carol calls her blog 'May Dreams.'

  4. Spring is indeed visiting you in all her glory! Lovely samples! I imagine it smells heavenly, too. Happy GBBD!

  5. Happy GGBD! The Rockfoil is my fave. I have never seen that before. I wonder if that will grow for me here in my 6b?! I will have to check it out! Congrats on all of your beautiful blooms & Happy Spring :)

  6. What pretty flowers you have for us today, I could almost smell the spring fragrances! Happy spring to you!

  7. I have always loved Bleeding hearts. They are such beautiful Perennials. Your Viburnums are lovely as well. Isn't is interesting how flowering shrubs add so much to our landscape? I bet you get some amazing butterflies in your garden during the warm months!

  8. Happy GBBD Carolyn. Your dancing hearts are pretty, I have to remember that description. So much beauty has graced your garden in May, I hope your weather is good as well. Seems like your blooms are quite happy.

  9. So happy to see your spring flowers without the snow...Happy GBBD

  10. Redbuds are one of my favorite trees. They signal spring in NM, too.

  11. Isn't spring so exciting? With the emergence of new life each day, these simple joys from my garden bring me happiness!

  12. Mom, I've really been wondering if I need those lime hydrangeas in my yard....

  13. Your flowers are so delicate and colorful. I love them.

  14. Your Chocolate Chip Ajuga is really full of blooms - hope mine looks like that some day. And that Rockfoil is spectacular. Happy GBBD!

  15. I have not had good luck with saxifrages... yours is quite spectacular and I sense a twinge of plant envy that I must admit to! Larry

  16. I'm so glad that spring finally arrived in your garden! And boy is it beautiful!


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