Friday, February 11, 2011

Blooming Friday Winter

Some time ago I discovered a wonderful Swedish blog Roses and Stuff  by Katarina. I must admit I'm a bit partial to blogs (and bloggers) in Sweden. My youngest son has lived in Sweden for the past year where he is serving a mission for our church. He will be there for another year before he returns home. As you might imagine, I miss this young man more than words can say but I am so happy for the opportunity he has been given to serve in such a beautiful country. Sweden is the land of many of our ancestors and I have been blessed to become familiar with this country and many of its beautiful people by visiting some of the blogs originating there.  Katarina's blog is one of those. 

Each Friday Katarina hosts Blommig Fredag 
or Blooming Friday. 

This week the theme is WINTER

Winter in This Grandmother's Garden

Here's my contribution for Blommig Fredag.

A collection of Winter scenes
as viewed through my camera lens 
describing all that's wonderful about Winter!

Now if it just wasn't so cold!

Thank you Katarina for hosting such a delightful meme.

Winter's magic wand adorns everything it touches 
with a sense of wonder and beauty.

Snowflakes Dancin' in the River

Branches Bowing to the Snow

Promise of Spring... waiting 

Forest Adorned in Winter Whites

Winter here is always a playground of fun!

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Screamin' Fast!

One of Us Has to Move

Look Out Below!

Thanks Daddy

Snow Much Fun!

In our gardens, Winter often comes early... 
Early Snow... Leaves on Trees

Coral Bells Ringing

Early Snow Alyssum

And often returns with surprise visits...

Surprise Snow of May 2009

Dahlia Caught by the Surprise

Clematis Bud Not Sure if it's times to Open

But there is no doubt that Winter always brings beauty to everything it touches.

Winter's Beauty

Winter... it's a season we celebrate!


  1. Gorgeous images as always. I have seen the kids before, but even again, so cute...

  2. It's great to see your family enjoying the snow. I don't like to be cold, so you won't see me sledding around in it. Maybe my philosophy should be, "if I can't change it, I might as well join it!"

  3. What gorgeous images, Carolyn. Made me want to go out and play in the snow! -Jean

  4. Winter is so stupendously beautiful in your garden, Carolyn, and I'm so glad you share the views with us. You have such a talent for photography. I love winter, too, for it is a time to slow down and recoup after a hard summer season of gardening.

  5. All of these photos are so, so beautiful...the first one is incredible, the opening in the sky just drew my eye towards the depth of the heavens..

  6. The only way to handle winter is to celebrate either from inside or outside. I get so discouraged with the people around here who just complain and complain. Do they not see the beauty? I have concluded no and feel sorry for them.

  7. What FUN! I have been wanting to get my kids outdoors...cold air is good for everybody. I love your, so pretty. :)

  8. I also love that blog and will have to remember the Friday many and I will have to work this one have captured the beauty of winter...just stunning..

  9. know how much I love those winter shots with your grand children! The winter wonderland shot with all the colorful clothing and the branches so heavy with snow...amazing!! Beautiful as always.

  10. Oh, I love your winter snow photos. I know most of the north is tired of all the cold and snow right now, but this Southerner would love to see that much snow. Everything is just so beautiful.

    Always Growing

  11. Hi Carolyn, thinking of you and as I view your Blooming Friday photos, I can only say, "Wow, what a stylish blogger!" That is why I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger AWard, so please come and get the award from my blog. I also always remember how lovely your Thinking Spot looks like and am

  12. What beautiful pictures of snowy trees. I grew up with snow but we never get it here in California. You presented winter so well.

  13. Your shots are fabulous! Each and everyone's so beautiful! I love the ones with the children and the ones with snowy flowers and...the lot!

  14. My son drove across country back in either Sept. or Oct 2010..and he said Salt Lake City was a beautiful city that he'd wished he had more time to explore. Being a genealogist myself, I've always wanted to visit the LDS library there. We have friends in the area that volunteer there and I'm sure they would volunteer to be our personal guide. Someday maybe we will take them up on that invitation. The scenery in these pictures look breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with your readers/followers.

  15. Those are some wonderful winter photos. I especially loved the winter wonderland pic. It looked like the family had a great time in the snow.


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