Monday, January 17, 2011

Luminescent Winter Whites

Luminescent Winter Whites dress my garden landscape.

The frigid freezing air allows the scene to linger, which it has now...
 for many weeks. 

The Winter sky entices an array of shades
 from bright...

to blued...

to dulled gray...

as the sun occasionally peeks out from behind clouds 

which at times spill their moisture
 in forms of snowflakes or ice crystals 
floating softly though the light.

The scene is exquisite, 
hardly captured in its beauty through my lens. 

Imagine, if you will, 
fairy dust sprinkled everywhere 
and then you may see in your mind 
my lovely gardens.


  1. There's certainly beauty in the skeletons of summer's gardens poking through the pure white snow.
    It's very difficult to capture with the camera those 'fairy dust' sparkles that inspire awe on a sunlit winter's morning. You caught them well in your top photo.
    We awoke to 3ºF/-16ºC but the sun is shining brightly now and delighting us with a glorious luminescent winter white landscape.

  2. Hi Mereduit,

    I'm glad to see you're enjoying the white of the snow, by now I would be tired of seeing it!
    Once ours melted though I did actually miss the colour as it was far preferable to the brown it left behind!

    let's dream of Spring now, and that your snow melts soon.

  3. Wow Meredhuit,
    I love your header photo! Too cool (pun intended!) Looking at your photos has cooled me down a bit - thank you! :)

  4. Lovely indeed. I do enjoy the finds at this time of year. They seem to be waiting to have their photo taken.

  5. White and grey but still beautiful under your creative lens! I can imagine the garden fairies are pretty busy sprinkling their fairy dust all over your garden and make it sparkling!

  6. The beauty of your photos somehow masks the feeling of cold, as the intensity of your photos' beauty is so strong. Even the dried plants look alive. How i wish i can see snow and ice on the landscape too!

  7. Beautiful images, so much to enjoy even in such a near-monochrome world. I particularly love the iced hydrangea.


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