Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snowflakes in the Morning...

I woke up this morning to snowflakes dancing in my gardens.

 The single digit temperatures of the past several days
have vanished the vibrant colors from my garden.
All seemed dark and rather dull.

And so this morning,  
a blanket of snowflakes is a most welcome sight.

An early morning peek through the trees
before the sun comes over my mountain...

reveal the tiny delicate snowflakes
that have accumulated throughout the night.

They bring new dimension
to everything they touch.

Soon the morning light through the clouds of the falling snow
begins to brighten the sky just a bit.

Enough to see the red of the Bloodgood Maple leaves
under their blanket of snow.

Only a few leaves remain
after the stiff wind that brought the winter cold.

And each one is treasured...
a reminder of a beautiful season now past.


  1. Hi,

    Lovely photos, I hope you are enjoying the snow more than I am!

    It is beautiful though, if only we could slow down for a while to appreciate it...

  2. It's neat to see the pure white snow chase away the drabs, isn't it? At least for a little while. I love the photos of the snow and the Bloodgood foliage.

  3. I'm gaining a new appreciation of the beauty of snow through your eyes and camera. It truely is lovely.

  4. Beautiful snow photos as always. I just love these fluffy Utah snows. When I lived there, they were such a welcome sight. Here in the Falls, not so much because we rarely get this type of snow. It is usually wet and heavy. I like the tight closeup shots that you took, they give a different dimension to the landscape.

  5. Was this your first snow? It sure is beautiful. I love your photos!

    Our first snow wasn't as deep as yours, and didn't even stick to the street.

  6. So beautiful! I'm getting a little jealous of all this snow photography!

  7. Such enchanting blankets of snow flakes beautifully captured on camera! You manage to look through the beauty of it, rather than the monotonous white/grey picture of the whole thing...

  8. It is a beautiful sight. So magical and lovely, fresh and clean and white. I hope we get something like this too. The feeling of snowflakes dancing in the garden is a great feeling.

  9. Yep I love the way snow dresses up the foliage. None here yet. Just cold. Brrr... Thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  10. Great photos of snow, a hard thing to portray. Thanks, Carolyn

  11. What a gorgeous first snow, Carolyn. You are really developing your photographic eye, & I am in awe of what you are coming up with lately. Love the way you captured the light and the new depth of the snow-covered landscape. :)

  12. Lovely pictures! The snow have come to the south of Sweden as well, and it is just beautiful! (As long as I don't need to drive....)


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